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Action/Action Packed/2005/09/27LinerNotes
Action/Rolled Gold/2010/05/24LinerNotes
Action/Uptight And Outasight/2010/05/20LinerNotes
Alex Chilton/Free Again : The "1970" Sessions/2014/05/10
Animals/The EP Collection/2011/02/12
Artwoods/Art Gallery/2012/01/03
Band, The/Music From Big Pink/2005/10/20LinerNotes
Band, The/The Band/2005/11/06LinerNotes
Band, The/Northern Lights-Southern Cross(南十字星)/2008/02/05LinerNotes
Beach Boys/Pet Sounds/2011/10/15
Beatles/Please Please Me/2006/01/17
Beatles/With The Beatles/2006/01/28
Beatles/A Hard Day's Night/2006/02/07
Beatles/For Sale/2006/02/23
Beatles/Rubber Soul/2006/03/14
Beatles/Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/2006/04/07
Beatles/Magical Mystery Tour/2006/04/18
Beatles/Magical Mystery Tour/2012/09/30
Beatles/Magical Mystery Tour/2017/01/16
Beatles/The Beatles(White Album)/2006/04/18
Beatles/Yellow Submarine/2006/05/03
Beatles/Abbey Road/2006/05/03
Beatles/Abbey Road/2017/03/20
Beatles/Let It Be/2006/05/18
Beatles/The Beatles 1962-1966/2012/05/16
Beatles/The Beatles 1967-1970/2012/05/18
Beatles/At The Hollywood Bowl/2011/01/23
Beatles/Hey Jude/2017/02/07
Beatles/Live At The BBC/2011/01/20
Beatles/Strawberry Fields Forever/2015/07/24
Big Star / #1 Record/Radio City/2012/03/28LinerNotes
Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers/2014/04/10LinerNotes
Birds/The Collectors' Guide To Rare British Birds/2005/09/29
Blossom Toes/We Are Ever So Clean/2007/10/21LinerNotes
Bob Dylan/Blonde On Blonde/2009/09/21
Bob Dylan/Rainy Day Women(雨の日の女)/2011/11/24
Bob Dylan & The Band/The Basement Tapes(地下室)/2009/01/16
Bobby Charles/Bobby Charles/2011/10/12
Bonzo Dog Band/The Best Of.../2006/09/04
Box Tops/Neon Rainbow/2013/09/29
Buddy Holly/The Very Best Of…/2017/02/23
Byrds/Mr. Tambourine Man/2009/11/02
Byrds/Turn! Turn! Turn!/2009/11/03
Byrds/Fifth Dimension(霧の5次元)/2009/12/29
Byrds/Mr. Spaceman/2011/09/18
Byrds/Eight Miles High/2011/12/18
Byrds/Younger Than Yesterday(昨日よりも若く)/2009/12/30
Byrds/The Notorious Byrd Brothers(名うてのバード兄弟)/2006/04/12
Byrds/Sweetheart Of The Rodeo(ロデオの恋人)/2010/01/01
Byrds/Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde(バーズ博士とハイド氏)/2010/01/05
Byrds/The Columbia Singles '65-'67/2007/03/31LinerNotes


Captain Beefheart/Trout Mask Replica/2006/09/18
Caravan/Caravan(mono/stereo CD)/2009/11/21LinerNotes
Caravan/Magic Man/2011/12/24
Caravan/If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You/2007/05/25LinerNotes
Caravan/In The Land Of Grey & Pink(グレイとピンクの地)/2005/08/13LinerNotes
Caravan/In The Land Of Grey & Pink(グレイとピンクの地)/2011/06/09
Caravan/In The Land Of Grey & Pink(グレイとピンクの地)/2017/08/04
Caravan/Waterloo Lily/2012/02/16LinerNotes
Caravan/For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night/2012/03/01LinerNotes
Caravan/Caravan & The New Symphonia/2007/04/25LinerNotes
Caravan/Where But For Caravan Would I? : An Anthology/2007/04/12LinerNotes
Caravan/Green Bottles For Marjorie/2007/09/15LinerNotes
Carole King/Writer/2006/03/02
Carole King/Tapestry(つづれおり)/2005/12/10LinerNotes
Charlatans/San Francisco 1969/2008/10/04LinerNotes
Cheap Trick/The Greatest Hits/2006/09/10
Chris Spedding/Backwood Progression/2012/04/04LinerNotes
Cream/Fresh Cream/2013/12/19
Cream/Disraeli Gears (カラフル・クリーム)/2013/12/26
Cream/Wheels Of Fire/2014/01/03
Creation/The Mark Four The Creation/2010/02/08
Creation/We Are The Paintermen/2005/10/08
Creation/The Creation '66-'67/2012/05/10
Dave Clark Five/25 Thumping Great Hits/2016/11/11
Dave Davies/Hidden Treasures/2011/12/03LinerNotes
Dave Mason/Alone Together/2005/08/09
Dave Mason/Dave Mason & Cass Elliot/2007/11/25
Dave Mason/Headkeeper/2006/07/02
Dave Mason/It's Like You Never Left(忘れえぬ人)/2008/01/19LinerNotes
David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust/2005/09/09
Deke Leonard/Iceberg/2008/07/02
Delaney & Bonnie/Accept No Substitute/2009/03/25LinerNotes
Doors/The Doors(ハートに火をつけて)/2009/05/24
Doors/Strange Days(まぼろしの世界)/2009/05/27
Doors/Waiting For The Sun(太陽を待ちながら)/2009/06/01
Doors/The Soft Parade/2009/06/06
Doors/Alive, She Cried/2009/06/07
Dr.Feelgood/Down By The Jetty/2006/09/24
Dr.Feelgood/Stupidity + (殺人病棟)/2012/04/30
Dr.Feelgood/Be Seeing You/2011/06/03
Dr.Feelgood/Live At The BBC 1974-5/2010/01/25LinerNotes
Dr.Feelgood/All Through The City (with Wilko 1974-1977)/2013/05/25
Edgar Broughton Band/Wasa Wasa/2013/02/11
Edgar Broughton Band/Sing Brother Sing/2013/02/17
Edgar Broughton Band/Edgar Broughton Band/2013/01/06
Edgar Broughton Band/In Side Out/2013/06/15
Eggs Over Easy/Good 'n' Cheap/2009/04/21LinerNotes
Eggs Over Easy/Good 'n' Cheap (The Eggs Over Easy Story)/2016/08/19
Electric Banana/Blows Your Mind/2005/09/16LinerNotes
Electric Banana/Alexander/2012/09/06
Electric Banana/The Seventies/2018/04/11
Electric Light Orchestra/Discovery/2006/02/23
Emitt Rhodes/Emitt Rhodes/2008/07/01
Eric Burdon & The Animals/Eric Burdon & The Animals/2011/02/15
Eric Burdon & The Animals/Inside Looking Out/2011/02/22
Eric Burdon & The Animals/Animalism/2017/03/05
Eric Burdon & The Animals/Eric Is Here/2017/04/08
Eric Burdon & The Animals/The Best Of...1966-1968/2005/11/11
Eric Burdon & The Animals/The Twain Shall Meet/2011/02/19
Eric Burdon & The Animals/Monterey/2011/12/21


Faces/The Best Of…:good boys…when they're asleep/2017/12/16
Family/In Their Own Time/2014/07/03
Flying Burrito Brothers/The Gilded Palace Of Sin/2007/10/17LinerNotes
Gene Clark/Gene Clark(White Light)/2006/10/26
Georgie Fame/20 Beat Classics/2006/03/14
Grapefruit/Around Grapefruit/2009/09/06
Grateful Dead/The Grateful Dead/2008/10/08LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Anthem Of The Sun/2008/10/14LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Aoxomoxoa/2008/09/23LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/ Live/Dead /2008/10/22LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Dark Star/2011/11/25
Grateful Dead/Workingman's Dead/2008/10/25LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/American Beauty/2008/09/24LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Grateful Dead(Skull & Roses)/2008/10/25LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Europe '72/2008/09/22LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Wake Of The Flood/2008/11/26LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/From The Mars Hotel/2008/12/01LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Blues For Allah/2008/12/04LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Ladies & Gentlemen…Fillmore East April 1971/2009/01/01LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/One From The Vault/2008/10/03LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Dick's Picks Vol. 3/2009/08/28
Grateful Dead/Dick's Picks Vol. 24/2009/02/21LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Dick's Picks Vol. 28/2009/04/24LinerNotes
Grateful Dead/Family Dog At The Great Highway.../2017/10/22
Hatfield & The North/The Rotter's Club/2012/03/09
Henry Cow/Leg End/2008/01/27
Hollies/Hollies' Greatest/2010/01/16
Honeybus/Story + Bonus/2005/10/12
Humble Pie/No Regrets : Immediate Collection/2010/03/08LinerNotes
Humble Pie/Performance Rockin' The Fillmore/2010/03/09
Idle Race/The Birthday Party/2016/05/23
Idle Race/Idle Race/2016/05/27
Idle Race/Back To The Story/2005/11/03
Idle Race/Back To The Story/2007/05/03LinerNotes
Idle Race/Girl At The Window/2011/12/20
Iggy & The Stooges/Raw Power/2005/09/12LinerNotes
Iggy Pop/Lust For Life/2013/09/27
Jackson C. Frank/Jackson C. Frank/2010/08/02LinerNotes
Jackson C. Frank/Blues Run The Game/2013/02/06
Jeff Beck/Truth/2006/02/02
Jefferson Airplane/Sweeping Up The Spotlight:Live At The Fillmore East 1969/2008/11/30LinerNotes
Jerry Garcia/Legion Of Mary/2009/03/15LinerNotes
Jesse Winchester/Jesse Winchester/2007/11/02
Jethro Tull/This Was(日曜日の印象)/2006/07/24
Jethro Tull/Stand Up/2005/10/29
Jim Ford/Big Mouth USA(The Unissued Paramount Album)/2009/09/12LinerNotes
Jimi Hendrix/Are You Experienced/2018/02/17
Jimi Hendrix/Axis : Bold As Love/2018/02/23
Jimi Hendrix/Smash Hits/2018/01/25
Jimi Hendrix/Electric Ladyland/2018/03/03
Jimi Hendrix/In The West/2018/04/03
Jimi Hendrix/Jimi Plays Monterey/2006/07/02
John Fahey/The Yellow Princess/2007/12/04LinerNotes
***John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band(ジョンの魂)/2005/07/21
John's Children/A Midsummer Night's Scene/2005/12/22
Joni Mitchell/Song To A Seagull/2006/02/09
Joni Mitchell/Clouds(青春の光と影)/2006/12/07
Joni Mitchell/Ladies Of The Canyon/2006/02/09
Joni Mitchell/Blue/2006/08/14
Joni Mitchell/Miles Of Aisles/2007/07/13
Julie Driscoll/A Kind Of Love in 1967-1971/2005/11/10LinerNotes


Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Kate & Anna McGarrigle/2011/07/28
Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Dancer With Bruised Knees/2011/07/30
Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Tell My Sister/2011/07/31LinerNotes
Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Southern Boys/2011/08/09
Keef Hartley Band/The Time Is Near…/2010/01/20LinerNotes
Keith West/Excerpts From…Groups & Sssions 1965-1974/2007/06/20LinerNotes
Kevin Ayers/Joy Of A Toy(おもちゃの歓び)/2005/09/04
Kevin Ayers/Whatevershebringswesing/2007/07/02
Kevin Ayers/Odd Ditties (不思議のヒット・パレード)/2015/12/22
Kinks/Kinda Kinks/2008/09/17
Kinks/The Kink Kontroversy/2007/08/01
Kinks/Face To Face/2006/05/13LinerNotes
Kinks/Face To Face(for vinyl addicts)/2010/09/05
Kinks/Dedicated Follower Of Fashion/2012/12/15
Kinks/Session Man/2012/01/19
Kinks/Live At Kelvin Hall/2010/06/27
Kinks/Something Else/2005/07/27LinerNotes
Kinks/Something Else/2016/05/17
Kinks/The Village Green Preservation Society/2005/10/02LinerNotes
Kinks/The Village Green Preservation Society/2017/04/14
Kinks/All Of My Friends Were There/2011/08/20
Kinks/Arthur Or The Decline&Fall Of The British Empire/2005/08/11LinerNotes
Kinks/Arthur Or The Decline&Fall Of The British Empire (mono)/2013/05/10
Kinks/Some Mother's Son/2013/07/21
Kinks/Lola vs. Powerman & The Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1 /2007/06/24
Kinks/Lola vs. Powerman & The Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1(for vinyl addicts)/2007/06/24
Kinks/The Great Lost Kinks Album/2014/08/29
Kinks/Muswell Hillbillies/2007/10/04LinerNotes
Kinks/Everybody's In Showbiz/2018/10/27
Kinks/Preservation Act 1/2018/11/13
Kinks/One For The Road/2019/01/11
Kinks/Well Respected Men/2010/11/26
Kinks/BBC Sessions 1964-1977/2010/04/07LinerNotes
Kinks/At The BBC/2012/08/28LinerNotes
Kippington Lodge/Shy Boy:The Complete Recordings 1967-1969/2011/08/08
Laura Nyro/The First Songs/2007/07/19
Laura Nyro/And When I Die/2011/09/30
Laura Nyro/Eli And The Thirteenth Confession(イーライと13番目の懺悔)/2006/02/20LinerNotes
Laura Nyro/New York Tendaberry/2005/12/20LinerNotes
Laura Nyro/Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat(魂の叫び)/2008/01/06
Laura Nyro/Gonna Take A Miracle/2006/08/05LinerNotes
Leonard Cohen/The Best Of…/2006/02/20LinerNotes
Lonnie Donegan/The Folk Album...plus/2006/10/10
Love/Da Capo/2005/10/15LinerNotes
Love/Da Capo/2017/09/10
Love/Forever Changes/2005/08/21LinerNotes
Love/Forever Changes/2016/11/03
Love/Forever Changes (50th Anniversary Edition)/2018/05/24
Love/The Daily Planet/2011/10/04
Love/The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This/2017/06/12
Love/Your Mind And We Belong Together/2016/10/06
Love/Four Sail/2015/07/08
Love/Out Here/2015/08/05
Love/False Start/2016/07/13
Love/The Best Of…/2012/07/28
Love/The Forever Changes Concert/2015/10/23
Love/Black Beauty/2015/10/16
Lovin' Spoonful/Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful/2005/12/31
Lynyrd Skynyrd/Lynyrd Skynyrd/2009/03/10LinerNotes
Lynyrd Skynyrd/Second Helping/2009/01/28
Lynyrd Skynyrd/Sweet Home Alabama/2011/12/27


Mamas & Papas/Gold/2015/02/03LinerNotes
Man/2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle/2007/12/08LinerNotes
Man/Daughter Of The Fireplace/2012/12/05
Man/Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Setting In?/2008/01/20LinerNotes
Man/Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day/2008/03/04LinerNotes
Man/Back Into The Future/2008/03/20LinerNotes
Man/Back Into The Future(Expanded Edition)/2008/06/27LinerNotes
Man/Back Into The Future/2011/09/04
Man/Live At The Padget Rooms, Penarth/2008/08/03
Man/Live At The Padget Rooms, Penarth/2009/07/01LinerNotes
Man/Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics/2008/04/15LinerNotes
Man/Slow Motion/2008/07/17LinerNotes
Man/Maximum Darkness/2008/07/29LinerNotes
Man/Christmas At The Patti/2007/12/24LinerNotes
Man/Live At The Keystone, Berkeley, 9th Aug. 1976/2009/02/12
Man/Live In Cologne Germany 17th April 1975(DVD)/2008/05/09
Man / Revelation/2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle/2009/07/05
Manfred Mann/The Singles Album/2012/01/10
Manfred Mann/The R&B Years/2012/01/12
Manfred Mann/The EP Collection/2012/01/09
Manfred Mann/As Is/2010/12/10
Manfred Mann/Mighty Garvey!/2005/10/12
Manfred Mann/The Very Best Of The Fontana Years/2006/05/29
Marmalade/I See The Rain/2006/11/11
Mindbenders/A Groovy Kind Of Love/2016/09/29
Moody Blues/The Magnificent Moodies/2007/12/9
Moody Blues/Days Of Future Passed/2014/10/31LinerNotes
Moody Blues/In Search Of The Lost Chord (失われたコードを求めて)/2014/11/20LinerNotes
Moody Blues/On The Threshold Of A Dream(夢幻)/2014/09/25LinerNotes
Moody Blues/To Our Children's Children's Children(子供たちの子供たちの子供たちへ)/2014/12/23LinerNotes
Moody Blues/A Question Of Balance/2015/01/03LinerNotes
Moody Blues/Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (童夢)/2015/01/29LinerNotes
Moody Blues/Seventh Sojourn/2015/02/21LinerNotes
Move/Move + 16/2005/09/05
Move/The Move Deluxe 2-CD Expanded Edition/2007/11/11LinerNotes
Move/The Move/2018/09/04
Move/Something Else From The Move/2007/09/03
Move/The Best Of The Move/2011/02/07
Music Machine/Turns You On/2005/09/21
Neil Innes/How Sweet To Be An Idiot/2006/01/10
Neil Young/After The Gold Rush/2009/01/26
Neil Young/On The Beach(渚にて)/2009/02/12
Neil Young/Ambulance Blues/2011/11/18
Neil Young/American Stars 'n Bars/2009/01/04
Neil Young / Live At Massey Hall 1971/At The Fillmore East/2009/02/28
New Riders Of The Purple Sage/New Riders Of The Purple Sage/2009/2/26LinerNotes
New Riders Of The Purple Sage/Powerglide/2009/03/19
New Riders Of The Purple Sage/Gypsy Cowboy/2009/02/09
New Riders Of The Purple Sage/Cactus Juice/2009/04/07LinerNotes
New Riders Of The Purple Sage/Veneta, Oregon: August 27, 1972/2009/08/12


Paul McCartney/McCartney/2009/09/30
Paul And Linda McCartney/Ram/2010/04/18
Peter Frampton/Where I Should Be(新しき旅立ち)/2008/01/23LinerNotes
Peter Ivers/Take It Out On Me/2009/07/20LinerNotes
Peter Peter Ivers Band/Terminal Love/2008/08/10
Peter Townshend/Who Came First/2018/05/14
Pink Fairies/Neverneverland/2008/04/04LinerNotes
Pink Fairies/Neverneverland/2019/01/19
Pink Fairies/Do It/2011/11/13
Pink Fairies/What A Bunch Of Sweeties/2008/04/19 LinerNotes
Pink Fairies/Kings Of Oblivion/2008/04/30LinerNotes
Pink Floyd/The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn(夜明けの口笛吹き)/2006/03/01
Pink Floyd/The Best Of The Pink Floyd/2009/10/09
Pretty Things/The Pretty Things/2009/10/23LinerNotes
Pretty Things/Get The Picture?/2006/05/29LinerNotes
Pretty Things/Midnight To Six Man/2012/01/23
Pretty Things/L.S.D./2016/05/31
Pretty Things/Emotions/2009/05/17LinerNotes
Pretty Things/S.F. Sorrow/2005/10/25LinerNotes
Pretty Things/Walkin’ Through My Dreams/2015/03/02
Pretty Things/Parachute/2007/12/27LinerNotes
Pretty Things/Savage Eye/2016/07/24
Pretty Things/Singles A's & B's/2013/12/11
Pretty Things/The BBC Sessions/2012/03/05LinerNotes
Pretty Things/The Psychedelic Years/2015/03/29
Pretty Things/Live At The BBC/2015/06/02LinerNotes
Pretty Things/Live At The BBC/2018/02/10
Pretty Things/Philippe Debarge/2017/03/29
Procol Harum/Procol Harum/2006/02/10
Procol Harum/Procol Harum/2017/01/27
Procol Harum/Shine On Brightly…Plus(月の光)/2010/03/16LinerNotes
Procol Harum/A Salty Dog/2014/11/08LinerNotes
Procol Harum/Rock Roots/2011/03/28
Quicksilver Msgr Service/Quicksilver Msgr Service/2008/10/11
Quicksilver Msgr Service/Quicksilver Msgr Service/2013/08/08
Quicksilver Msgr Service/Happy Trails/2008/08/24LinerNotes
Quicksilver Msgr Service/Just For Love/2008/11/02
Quicksilver Msgr Service/What About Me/2008/11/06
Quicksilver Msgr Service/Kabuki Theatre/2008/10/02LinerNotes
Quicksilver Msgr Service/Live 66-68/2008/10/20LinerNotes
Quintessence/In Blissful Company/2009/04/28LinerNotes
Randy Newman/Sail Away/2010/12/03
Raspberries/Raspberries' Best/2012/07/09
Reg King/Reg King/2006/09/26LinerNotes
Reg King/Looking For A Dream/2015/11/03LinerNotes
Rod Stewart/Every Picture Tells A Story/2005/11/18
Rod Stewart/Maggie May/2015/05/27
Rod Stewart/Foot Loose & Fancy Free(明日へのキックオフ)/2006/05/01
Rod Stewart/Blondes Have More Fun(スーパースターはブロンドがお好き)/2005/11/21
Rolling Stones/The Rolling Stones/2006/05/18
Rolling Stones/No.2/2006/06/27
Rolling Stones/Out Of Our Heads/2006/06/27
Rolling Stones/Aftermath/2006/07/24
Rolling Stones/Big Hits/2006/08/07
Rolling Stones/Big Hits/2017/11/19
Rolling Stones/Between The Buttons/2006/08/07
Rolling Stones/Their Satanic Majesties Request/2006/08/07
Rolling Stones/Beggars Banquet/2007/10/29
Rolling Stones/Let It Bleed/2007/11/05
Rolling Stones/Through The Past, Darkly/2010/12/22
Rolling Stones/Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out/2009/01/19
Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers/2010/09/12
Rolling Stones/Exile On Main St./2017/12/02
Rolling Stones/A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss/2012/02/18
Rolling Stones/On Air/2017/12/06
Roy Wood/Boulders/2007/08/28LinerNotes
Roy Wood/Miss Clarke And The Computer/2011/09/03
Roy Wood/Mustard/2014/03/06
Rutles/The Rutles/2006/09/29LinerNotes


Seeds/Pushin' Too Hard : The Best Of…/2009/06/30
Sir Douglas Quintet/Mendocino/2008/12/12LinerNotes
Skip Bifferty/Skip Bifferty/2007/10/03LinerNotes
Slapp Happy/Sort Of/2006/11/13
Slapp Happy/Acnalbasac Noom/2007/10/10
Slapp Happy/Casablanca Moon/2006/10/21LinerNotes
Slapp Happy/Desperate Straights/2007/09/26
Small Faces/Small Faces(Decca 1st)/2005/08/02
Small Faces/From The Beginning/2007/06/13
Small Faces/From The Beginning(for vinyl addicts)/2007/06/13
Small Faces/Small Faces(Immediate 1st)/2005/11/28
Small Faces/Small Faces(Immediate 1st : Digipack)/2009/11/26LinerNotes
Small Faces/Small Faces(Immediate 1st : for vinyl addicts)/2010/08/06
Small Faces/Ogden's Nut Gone Flake/2005/09/02
Small Faces/Ogden's Nut Gone Flake/2017/05/02
Small Faces/The Autumn Stone/2011/04/12
Small Faces/Small Faces(French Version)/2006/10/09
Small Faces/The Singles Album/2010/02/17
Small Faces/Sha-La-La-La-Lee/2010/02/11
Small Faces/By Appointment.../2010/02/19
Small Faces/Greatest Hits/2010/02/16
Small Faces/Quite Naturally/2010/02/20
Small Faces/The BBC Sessions/2011/04/14
Small Faces/Immediate Hits-Mod Rarities/2012/04/25
Small Faces/'My Mind's Eye','I Can't Dance With You' b/w 'Shake','One Night Stand'/2008/11/23
Small Faces/All Or Nothing 1965-1968 (DVD)/2012/04/21
Smoke/It's Smoke Time/2005/10/15
Soft Machine/Jet-Propelled Photographs/2006/10/06LinerNotes
Soft Machine/Vols.1&2/2005/09/24
Soft Machine/Third/2011/01/15
Spencer Davis Group/Their First LP/2009/07/30
Spencer Davis Group/The Second Album/2009/07/31
Spencer Davis Group/Autumn '66/2009/08/05
Spencer Davis Group/The Best Of…/2007/06/17
Spencer Davis Group/Mojo Rhythms & Midnight Blues-Vol.1: Sessions '65-'68/2018/01/11
Status Quo/Picturesque Matchstickable Messages/2005/09/21
Status Quo/Picturesque Matchstickable Messages Deluxe Expanded Edition/2007/10/6LinerNotes
Status Quo/Technicolour Dreams/2011/11/16
Status Quo/The Technicolor Dreams Of…/2015/04/24
Status Quo/Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon/2015/05/23
Status Quo/The Status Quo Story/2015/06/08
Steampacket/The First Supergroup/2012/07/04
Steve Miller Band/Sailor/2009/07/25
Stooges/Fun House/2007/02/25
Syd Barrett/The Madcap Laughs(帽子が笑う・・・不気味に)/2006/09/02LinerNotes
Syd Barrett/Barrett(その名はバレット)/2006/01/02LinerNotes
Syd Barrett/Opel/2006/10/09
Them/Them First/2010/02/06
Them/Them Again/2005/12/15
Them / Them/Rock Roots/2011/02/25
Tim Hardin/Hang On To A Dream/2010/05/05
Todd Rundgren / Something/Anything?/2005/12/04
Tomorrow/Tomorrow + Bonus/2005/08/06LinerNotes
Tomorrow/Three Jolly Little Dwarfs/2011/10/29
Tomorrow/50 Minute Technicolor Dream(総天然色の夢)/2007/07/08LinerNotes
Tony Joe White/Black And White/2010/05/12LinerNotes
Traffic/Mr. Fantasy/2017/08/21
Traffic/You Can All Join In/2011/08/25
Traffic/Best Of…/2009/11/04
Traffic/John Barleycorn Must Die/2011/08/07
Troggs/From Nowhere/2008/07/12
Troggs/The EP Collection/2005/10/05


Van Morrison/Astral Weeks/2006/07/24
Van Morrison/Moondance/2007/04/22
Van Morrison/Everyone/2011/08/31
Van Morrison/His Band & The Street Choir/2005/12/07
Van Morrison/Tupelo Honey/2007/05/13
Van Morrison/Saint Dominic's Preview/2006/08/28
Van Morrison/Jackie Wilson Said/2011/12/28
Van Morrison/Veedon Fleece/2008/12/19
Velvet Underground/The Velvet Underground & Nico/2008/06/21
Velvet Underground / White Light/White Heat/2009/05/26
Velvet Underground/The Velvet Underground/2009/05/30
Velvet Underground/Loaded/2009/06/05
Velvet Underground/Live At Max's Kansas City/2009/06/08
Velvet Underground/VU/2009/06/07
Vinegar Joe/Vinegar Joe/2007/09/10
V/A / Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush(茂みの中の欲望)/2005/08/22
V/A(Man, Brinsley Schwarz, Hawkwind and others)/Greasy Truckers Party/2008/06/07LinerNotes
Who/My Generation(Deluxe Eddition)/2005/07/29
Who/My Generation/2009/04/15
Who/A Quick One + 10/2005/08/30
Who/A Quick One/2016/07/04
Who/Sell Out + 10/2005/08/25
Who/Sell Out/2017/05/12
Who/Direct Hits/2010/12/08
Who/Tommy(for vinyl addicts)/2007/09/09
Who/Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy/2009/08/22
Who/Live At Leeds/2014/06/06
Who/Live At Leeds Deluxe Edition/2018/06/26
Who/Who's Next/2018/09/11
Who/Who's Next/2014/04/27
Who/Quadrophenia (四重人格)/2013/12/02
Who/Odds & Sods/2018/03/21
Who/The Kids Are Alright/2012/04/11
Who/Rarities Vol. 1 1966-1968/2018/04/29
Who / Who's Missing/Two's Missing/2012/04/05
Who/BBC Sessions/2010/04/15LinerNotes
Who/I'm A Boy/2011/07/12
Who/Pictures Of Lily/2013/03/23
Who/Live At The Fillmore East 1968/2018/04/24
Who/Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970/2018/05/10
Who/Live Washington DC 1973/2018/07/24
Wings/London Town/2010/05/13
Wings/Back To The Egg/2010/08/04
Wizzard/Wizzard Brew(Expanded Remastered Edition)/2008/01/06
Yardbirds/Yardbirds(Roger The Engineer)/2006/01/02
Youngbloods/Get Together : The Essential〜/2014/07/21LinerNotes
Youngbloods/Elephant Mountain/2016/12/19
Youngbloods/Good And Dusty/2014/07/11
Youngbloods/High On A Ridge Top/2014/07/16
Zombies/Begin Here/2005/11/17
Zombies/Begin Here/2016/09/22
Zombies/Odyssey & Oracle/2005/08/08
Zombies/Odyssey & Oracle/2017/09/03
Zombies/The Zombies/2010/09/21
Zombies/The Singles As & Bs/2012/08/14
Zombies/Live At The BBC/2016/09/05



Alan Hull/Pipedream/2009/05/16
Alan Hull/Squire/2012/03/25
Alan Hull/Alright On The Night (Live 1975)/2012/03/02
Albion Band/Rise Up Like The Sun/2015/01/24
Albion Band/BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert/2007/12/27LinerNotes
Albion Country Band/Battle Of The Field/2005/12/08LinerNotes
Albion Dance Band/Prospect Before Us/2005/08/21LinerNotes
Albion Dance Band/Dancing Days Are Here Again/2007/07/02
Al Jones/Alun Ashworth-Jones/2006/01/19
Al Jones/Jonesville/2006/08/18
Allan Taylor/Sometimes + The Lady/2006/08/05
Allan Taylor/The American Album + Cajun Moon/2005/09/24
Al Stewart/Bed Sitter Images/2006/06/13LinerNotes
Al Stewart/Love Chronicles/2006/11/16
Al Stewart/Zero She Flies/2007/04/03
Al Stewart/Orange/2005/10/10LinerNotes
Al Stewart/You Don't Even Know Me/2011/12/26
Al Stewart/Past, Present & Future/2016/03/08
Al Stewart/Post World War Two Blues/2016/03/14
Al Stewart/Modern Times/2016/04/04
Al Stewart/Year Of The Cat/2016/04/22
Al Stewart/Images(His first three albums)/2011/11/15
Andwella's Dream/Love And Poetry/2007/08/17
Andwella's Dream/Love And Poetry/2012/06/23LinerNotes
Andwella/People's People/2008/01/14
Andy Irvine & Paul Brady/Andy Irvine Paul Brady/2010/01/14LinerNotes
Andy Roberts/Home Grown/2016/02/22
Anne Briggs/Anne Briggs/2008/10/08LinerNotes
Anne Briggs/The Time Has Come(森の妖精)/2005/10/05LinerNotes
Anne Briggs/Sing A Song For You/2010/08/25LinerNotes
Archie Fisher/Archie Fisher/2006/08/18
Ashley Hutchings/Kickin' Up The Sawdust/2017/05/25
Ashley Hutchings/Folk Aerobics-Folk Your Way To Fitness/2005/10/08
Barbara Dickson/Do Right Woman/2006/06/04
Barbara Dickson/From The Beggar's Mantle Fringed With Gold/2006/05/09
Barbara Dickson/Do Right Woman & From The Beggar's Mantle…/2015/04/13LinerNotes
Barry Dransfield/Barry Dransfield/2005/08/04LinerNotes
Barry Dransfield/Werewolf/2013/03/03
Barry Dransfield/Bowin' And Scrapin'/2007/10/08
Bert Jansch/Bert Jansch/2011/03/20LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Needle Of Death/2011/11/09
Bert Jansch/It Don't Bother Me/2011/03/22LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Jack Orion(自画像)/2009/10/31LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Nicola/2011/03/26LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Birthday Blues/2011/03/29LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Rosemary Lane/2011/04/03LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Moonshine/2011/04/07LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/L. A.Turnaround/2006/03/18LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/A Rare Conundrum/2011/04/10LinerNotes
Bert Jansch/Three Dreamers/2011/08/27
Bert Jansch/Thirteen Down/2012/04/09
Bert Jansch/Where Did My Life Go?/2012/04/02
Bert Jansch/Young Man Blues : Live In Glasgow 1962-1964/2014/05/15
Bert Jansch/The River Sessions/2011/12/16LinerNotes
Bert Jansch & John Renbourn/Bert & John/2008/02/26LinerNotes
Bothy Band/The Bothy Band/2017/01/09
Bothy Band/Afterhours/2009/01/21
Bread, Love And Dreams/Amaryllis/2007/05/05LinerNotes
Bridget St. John/Ask Me No Questions/2008/08/02LinerNotes
Bridget St. John/Songs For The Gentle Man/2008/07/28LinerNotes
Bridget St. John/Thank You For.../2006/06/27LinerNotes
Bridget St. John/The First Cut/2009/10/01
Brinsley Schwarz/Brinsley Schwarz/2008/02/22LinerNotes
Brinsley Schwarz/Despite It All/2008/03/29
Brinsley Schwarz/Despite It All/2011/06/15
Brinsley Schwarz/Silver Pistol/2007/10/15LinerNotes
Brinsley Schwarz/Nervous On The Road/2008/02/15LinerNotes
Brinsley Schwarz/Please Don't Ever Change/2008/04/21
Brinsley Schwarz/The New Favourites Of.../2008/04/23
Brinsley Schwarz/It's All Over Now/2008/09/08
Bryn Haworth/Let The Days Go By/2006/09/03
Bunch, The/Rock On/2006/02/28LinerNotes


Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers/Kings Of The Robot Rhythm/2009/11/08
Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers/Bongos Over Balham/2011/09/12LinerNotes
Chris Foster/Layers/2010/03/05
Christy Moore/Prosperous/2019/01/24
Christy Moore/The Iron Behind The Velvet/2017/11/23
Clive Palmer/Banjoland/2010/10/15LinerNotes
Clive Palmer/Just Me/2008/06/26
Clive Palmer/All Roads Lead To Land/2013/06/04
C.O.B./Spirit Of Love/2007/04/09LinerNotes
C.O.B./Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart/2013/04/24LinerNotes
Colin Hare/March Hare/2005/11/01LinerNotes
Dando Shaft/An Evening With…/2009/03/07LinerNotes
Dando Shaft/Dando Shaft/2006/10/07LinerNotes
Dave Berland/Songs & Buttered Haycocks/2006/04/11LinerNotes
Dave Edmunds/Rockpile/2012/02/26LinerNotes
Dave Edmunds/Chronicles/2009/07/15LinerNotes
Dave Evans/The Words In Between/2005/12/26LinerNotes
David Swarbrick/Smiddyburn/2005/12/13
Davy Graham/The Guitar Player/2007/05/25LinerNotes
Davy Graham/Folk, Blues & Beyond/2006/07/15
Davy Graham/After Hours/2009/09/14LinerNotes
Davy Graham/A Scholar And A Gentleman/2009/11/18LinerNotes
Davy Graham/From Monkhouse To Medway 1963〜1973/2015/05/17LinerNotes
Dick Gaughan/No More Forever/2016/08/07
Dick Gaughan/Handful Of Earth/2014/07/07
Donovan/What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid/2019/01/08
Donovan/Sunshine Superman/2006/03/22
Donovan/Sunshine Superman/2019/02/12
Donovan/Sunshine Superman (US)/2012/01/26LinerNotes
Donovan/Mellow Yellow/2012/01/30LinerNotes
Donovan/House Of Jansch/2012/01/16
Donovan/A Gift From A Flower To A Garden/2012/01/31
Donovan/A Gift From A Flower To A Garden/2019/01/04
Donovan/Donovan In Concert/2012/11/10
Donovan/The Hurdy Gurdy Man/2012/02/04LinerNotes
Donovan/Superlungs My Supergirl/2014/08/25
Donovan/Open Road/2011/09/23
Donovan/HMS Donovan/2018/09/29
Donovan/HMS Donovan/2018/12/28
Donovan/The Pied Piper (ハメルンの笛吹き:DVD)/2014/08/12
Dorris Henderson & John Renbourn / There You Go/Watch The Stars/2013/04/05LinerNotes
Dransfield/The Fiddler's Dream/2005/09/09
Dransfield/The Fiddler's Dream(+BBC Sessions)/2008/06/13LinerNotes
Dr. Strangely Strange/Heavy Petting/2014/06/25
Duncan Browne/Give Me Take You/2006/02/05
Duncan Browne/Journey:The Anthology 1967-1993/2007/12/07LinerNotes
Ernie Graham/Ernie Graham/2005/09/21LinerNotes
Ernie Graham/Sebastian/2011/08/28
Etchingham Steam Band/The Etchingham Steam Band/2011/04/27LinerNotes


Fairfield Parlour/From Home To Home/2007/08/01
Fairport Convention/Fairport Convention/2006/07/02LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Fairport Convention/2017/03/14
Fairport Convention/What We Did On Our Holidays/2006/01/31LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Meet On The Ledge/2011/08/18
Fairport Convention/Fotheringay/2013/05/30
Fairport Convention/Nottamun Town/2014/01/11
Fairport Convention/Unhalfbricking/2005/07/30LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Unhalfbricking/2016/09/09
Fairport Convention/Who Knows Where The Time Goes/2011/09/24
Fairport Convention/Liege & Lief/2005/08/15LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Liege & Lief/2010/07/02
Fairport Convention/Come All Ye/2012/07/22
Fairport Convention/Liege & Lief Deluxe Edition/2007/08/26LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Full House/2005/07/27LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Full House(for vinyl addicts)/2008/06/05
Fairport Convention/Sloth/2013/09/02
Fairport Convention/Angel Delight/2008/11/14
Fairport Convention/Angel Delight/2018/08/29
Fairport Convention/Babbacombe Lee/2009/12/21
Fairport Convention/The History Of…/2015/11/30
Fairport Convention/Nine/2010/05/11
Fairport Convention/Fairport Live Convention/2010/10/24
Fairport Convention/At The L.A. Troubadour/No ReviewLinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Moat On The Ledge/2008/11/16
Fairport Convention/House Full/2007/03/31LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/House Full(CD)/2009/12/23
Fairport Convention/Heyday-BBC Sessions/2010/01/06LinerNotes
Fairport Convention/Fairport Unconventional(4CD box)/2010/12/17
Fairport Convention/Live At The BBC/2014/12/05
Fairport Convention/'If I Had A Ribbon Bow' b/w 'If(Stomp)'/2008/11/18
Fairport Convention/'Now Be Thankful' b/w 'Guiness Book Of Records'/2008/11/19
Fairport Convention & Matthews Southern Comfort(Maidstone 1970:DVD)/2008/01/08
Fairport Convention/Live In Finland 1971/2016/06/07LinerNotes
Fair Weather/Beginning From An End/2008/02/10LinerNotes
Famous Jug Band/Sunshine Possibilities/2013/04/29LinerNotes
Fotheringay/The Pond & The Stream/2014/02/22
Fotheringay/Essen 1970/2011/09/20
Frankie Armstrong/Lovely On The Water/2006/04/26LinerNotes
Frankie Armstrong/Lovely On The Water/2011/07/01
Frankie Armstrong/Songs And Ballads/2009/05/05LinerNotes
Frankie Miller/Once In A Blue Moon & High Life/2015/01/14
Gallagher & Lyle/Gallagher & Lyle/2006/10/22
Gallagher & Lyle/Willie And The Lapdog/2006/07/04
Gallagher & Lyle/Seeds/2005/09/19
Gallagher & Lyle/The Last Cowboy/2008/05/31
Gallagher & Lyle/'Shine A Light' b/w 'All I Want To Do'/2009/01/22
Gary Farr/Take Something With You/2006/07/08
Gary Farr/Take Something With You(2CD)/2008/10/29LinerNotes
Gary Farr/Strange Fruit/2005/08/06
Gary Farr/Strange Fruit/2008/02/16LinerNotes
Gay & Terry Woods/Backwoods/2006/01/25
Gay & Terry Woods/Backwoods/2018/10/11
Gay & Terry Woods/The Time Is Right/2006/05/21LinerNotes
Gay & Terry Woods/The Time Is Right/2011/06/11
Gay & Terry Woods/Renowned/2006/09/12
Gay & Terry Woods/Tender Hooks/2008/04/06
Gay & Terry Woods/In Concert/2006/08/27LinerNotes
Gay & Terry Woods/Lake Songs From Red Waters/2005/08/15LinerNotes
Gothic Horizen/The Jason Lodge Poetry Book(ジェイソン・ロッジの詩集)/2008/10/28
Grease Band/The Grease Band/2007/07/17LinerNotes


Help Yourself/Help Yourself/2007/11/06
Help Yourself/Strange Affair/2007/12/15
Heron/Heron + Single/2005/08/27
Heron/Twice As Nice & Half The Price/2006/01/05
Heron/Upon Reflection:The Dawn Anthology/2007/03/18LinerNotes
Hunt & Turner/Hunt & Turner/2007/01/08
Hunter Muskett/Every Time You Move/2010/02/24LinerNotes
Ian A Anderson/Royal York Crescent/2008/06/23
Ian Matthews/If You Saw Thro' My Eyes/2006/02/13
Ian Matthews/Tiger Will Survive/2006/08/08
Incredible String Band/Incredible String Band/2011/09/15LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Incredible String Band/2016/04/07
Incredible String Band/5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion/2006/09/24LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion/2016/10/11
Incredible String Band/Chinese White/2018/12/01
Incredible String Band/Painting Box/2018/12/10
Incredible String Band/Way Back In The 1960s/2014/01/31
Incredible String Band/Little Cloud/2014/02/11
Incredible String Band/First Girl I Loved/2019/02/07
Incredible String Band/The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter/2006/10/12LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter/2016/04/01
Incredible String Band / Wee Tam/The Big Huge/2008/12/15LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/You Get Brighter/2013/01/15
Incredible String Band/Changing Horses/2012/10/14
Incredible String Band/Changing Horses/2016/04/11
Incredible String Band/I Looked Up/2012/10/24LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/I Looked Up/2016/04/17
Incredible String Band/Pictures In A Mirror/2013/03/29
Incredible String Band/“U”/2012/11/01LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending/2012/11/28LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air/2012/12/16
Incredible String Band/Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air/2016/05/13
Incredible String Band/Earthspan/2012/12/23
Incredible String Band/No Ruinous Feud/2012/12/28
Incredible String Band/Hard Rope & Silken Twine/2013/07/14LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/On Air (Original BBC Recordings)/2016/08/04
Incredible String Band/The Chelsea Sessions 1967/2009/12/11LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Across The Airwaves/2012/04/14LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Tricks Of The Senses/2014/10/09LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/1968/2012/12/19
Incredible String Band/First Girl I Loved/2013/06/09LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Live At The Fillmore 1968/2013/03/12LinerNotes
Incredible String Band/Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending (DVD)/2013/08/04
Incredible String Band/The Lost Broadcasts (DVD)/2015/03/21
Jade/Fly On Strangewings/2009/12/05LinerNotes
Jim McCann/McCanned!/2008/06/25
John & Beverley Martyn/Stormbringer/2005/07/30
John & Beverley Martyn/Stormbringer/2009/02/15LinerNotes
John & Beverley Martyn/John The Baptist/2015/09/11
John & Beverley Martyn/The Road To Ruin/2009/08/08LinerNotes
John Kirkpatrick/Jump At The Sun/2008/07/04
John Kirkpatrick/Plain Capers/2008/02/19
John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris/The Rose Of Britain's Isle/2006/09/06
John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris/Among The Many Attractions At The Show Will Be A Really High Class Band/2016/01/29
John Martyn/London Conversation/2010/11/29LinerNotes
John Martyn/Sandy Grey/2012/01/14
John Martyn/The Tumbler/2007/12/18
John Martyn/Bless The Weather/2006/09/12LinerNotes
John Martyn/Solid Air/2005/10/12LinerNotes
John Martyn/Solid Air/2011/08/22
John Martyn/Inside Out/2008/11/08
John Martyn/Sunday's Child/2012/03/27
John Martyn/In Session/2007/04/18LinerNotes
John Renbourn Group/A Maid In Bedlam/2008/03/22
Johnstons/Give A Damn/2006/08/14
Jon & Mike Raven with Jean Ward/KATE Of Coalbrookdale/2006/02/21
Jon Raven, Nic Jones, Tony Rose/Songs Of A Changing World/2007/11/20
Jon Raven/The Bold Navigators/2015/06/14
Jon Raven/Harvest/2008/06/12


Keith Christmas/Stimulus/2007/08/08
Keith Christmas/Timeless And Strange/2007/06/02LinerNotes
Keith Cross & Peter Ross/Bored Civilians(時の旅人)/2007/05/11
Kirkpatrick & Hutchings/The Compleat Dancing Master/2007/09/06
Lal & Mike Waterson/Bright Phoebus/2006/03/08
Lal & Mike Waterson/Bright Phoebus (Deluxe)/2017/08/17
Lal & Norma Waterson/A True Hearted Girl/2009/06/10
Lazy Farmer/Lazy Farmer/2006/02/11LinerNotes
Lindisfarne/Nicely Out Of Tune/2005/10/19
Lindisfarne/Fog On The Tyne/2008/03/11
Lindisfarne/Dingly Dell/2010/11/24
Maddy Prior & June Tabor/Silly Sisters/2014/05/22
Marc Elington/Marc Ellington/2008/10/14
Marc Ellington / Rains/Reins Of Changes/2005/08/30
Marc Ellington/Days Used To Be Much Warmer/2013/02/24
Marc Ellington/A Question Of Road/2006/09/16
Marc Ellington/Restoration/2007/09/30
Marc Ellington/Marc Time/2006/07/08
Marianne Faithfull/North Country Maid(妖精の歌)/2006/06/06
Marianne Faithfull/Live At The BBC/2008/08/26LinerNotes
Marie Little/Factory Girl/2008/08/30LinerNotes
Martin Carthy/Martin Carthy/2005/08/02LinerNotes
Martin Carthy/Byker Hill/2010/06/13LinerNotes
Martin Carthy/But Two Came By…/2005/12/18LinerNotes
Martin Carthy/Prince Heathen/2007/10/31LinerNotes
Martin Carthy/Crown Of Horn/2011/08/05
Martin Carthy/Both Ears And The Trail/2007/12/31LinerNotes
Matthew's Southern Comfort/Matthew's Southern Comfort/2007/11/18
McGuinness Flint/McGuinness Flint/2006/05/11
McGuinness Flint/Happy Birthday, Ruthy Baby/2006/09/17
Meic Stevens/Outlander/2006/11/06LinerNotes
Meic Stevens/Gwymon/2008/03/26LinerNotes
Meic Stevens/Ghost Town/2006/11/01LinerNotes
Meic Stevens/Rain In The Leaves:The EPs, Vol.1/2007/01/09LinerNotes
Meic Stevens/Sackcloth & Ashes:The EPs, Vol.2/2007/07/05LinerNotes
Mellow Candle/Swaddling Songs(抱擁の歌)/2008/08/17
Michael Chapman / Rainmaker/Fully Qualified Survivor/2007/06/07
Mighty Baby/Mighty Baby/2006/09/30LinerNotes
Mighty Baby/A Jug Of Love/2006/10/01LinerNotes
Mighty Baby/Live In The Attic/2009/03/31LinerNotes
Mike Heron/Smiling Men With Bad Reputations/2006/10/28LinerNotes
Mike Heron/Flowers Of The Forest/2018/03/08
Mike Heron/Mike Heron's Reputation/2007/01/09
Mike Heron/Residential Boy/2011/08/10
Mike Heron/Singing The Dolphin/2015/06/09
Molly Drake/Molly Drake/2014/01/22
Morin & Wilson/Peaceful Company/2006/03/03


Nic Jones(Halliard)/It's The Irish In Me/2006/10/25
Nic Jones/Ballads And Songs/2006/07/11LinerNotes
Nic Jones/Nic Jones/2006/07/18LinerNotes
Nic Jones/The Noah's Ark Trap/2006/07/18
Nic Jones/From The Devil To A Stranger/2006/07/18
Nic Jones/Penguin Eggs/2005/07/21
Nic Jones/Penguin Eggs/2007/03/04
Nic Jones/In Search Of Nic Jones/2006/05/26LinerNotes
Nic Jones/Ruins By The Shore/2013/01/19
Nic Jones/Unearthed/2005/11/05LinerNotes
Nic Jones/Game Set Match/2006/11/03LinerNotes
Nic Jones/The Enigma Of Nic Jones(DVD)/2013/11/09
Nic Jones/The Enigma Of Nic Jones(DVD)/2014/12/28
Nick Drake/Five Leaves Left/2006/03/30
Nick Drake/Bryter Layter/2005/09/22
Nick Drake/Hazey Jane/2013/01/11
Nick Drake/Pink Moon/2005/07/27
Nick Drake/Time Of No Reply/2006/08/05LinerNotes
Nick Drake/Made To Love Magic/2009/03/20LinerNotes
Nick Drake/Family Tree/2010/08/10LinerNotes
Nick Drake/Fruit Tree(4LP box)/2009/10/11LinerNotes
Nick Drake/Way To Blue/2011/07/22
Nick Lowe/Basher:The Best Of…/2008/09/12
Nirvana/All Of Us/2011/10/14


Pentangle/The Pentangle/2005/09/14LinerNotes
Pentangle/Sweet Child/2011/01/25LinerNotes
Pentangle/Basket Of Light/2005/12/29
Pentangle/Cruel Sister/2009/12/01
Pentangle/Solomon's Seal/2007/05/23
Pentangle/Live At The BBC/2008/06/16LinerNotes
Pete Dello & Friends/Into Your Ears...plus/2006/05/29LinerNotes
Peter Bellamy/The Transports/2007/08/09LinerNotes
Peter Bellamy / Peter Bellamy/Fair Annie/2007/10/20LinerNotes
Peter Bellamy/The Ballads Of.../2008/09/11LinerNotes
Peter Bellamy/Both Sides Then/2012/06/03
Plainsong/In Search Of Amelia Earhart/2006/06/06
Rab Noakes/Do You See The Lights?/2006/06/28
Rab Noakes/Rab Noakes/2007/11/22
Rab Noakes/Red Pump Special/2006/03/12
Ray Fisher/The Bonny Birdy/2014/04/16
Richard Thompson/Henry The Human Fly/2006/01/11LinerNotes
Richard Thompson/Giutar, Vocal/2009/12/12
Richard Thompson/Small Town Romance/2009/10/03
Richard Thompson/Front Parlour Ballads/2005/08/20
Richard & Linda Thompson/I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight/2005/07/30LinerNotes
Richard & Linda Thompson/I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight/2011/07/08
Richard & Linda Thompson/Hokey Pokey/2005/09/16LinerNotes
Richard & Linda Thompson/Hokey Pokey/2010/07/07
Richard & Linda Thompson/Pour Down Like Silver/2005/09/20LinerNotes
Richard & Linda Thompson/Shoot Out The Lights/2007/09/11
Richard & Linda Thompson/In Concert, 1975/2007/08/12LinerNotes
Robin & Barry Dransfield/The Rout Of The Blues/2008/12/24
Robin & Barry Dransfield/Lord Of All I Behold/2006/04/14
Robin & Barry Dransfield/Popular To Contrary Belief/2008/04/13LinerNotes
Robin & Barry Dransfield/Up To Now/2006/12/15LinerNotes
Robin Dransfield/A Lighter Touch/2008/05/21LinerNotes
Robin Scott/Woman From The Warm Grass/2006/12/08LinerNotes
Robin Williamson/Myrrh/2013/06/25
Robin Williamson/Myrrh/2016/11/06
Robin Williamson/Journey's Edge/2012/05/26
Robin Williamson/American Stonehenge/2016/04/30
Robin Williamson & his Merry Band / A Glint At The Kindling/Five Bardic Mysteries/2014/06/12
Rockpile/Seconds Of Pleasure/2009/10/28LinerNotes
Roger Morris/First Album/2006/12/13LinerNotes
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance/Anymore For Anymore/2007/07/28LinerNotes
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance/Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance/2008/01/31
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance/One For The Road/2005/09/06LinerNotes
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance/One For The Road/2011/08/19
Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance/You Never Can Tell/2005/12/27LinerNotes
Ronnie Lane/See Me/2006/06/13
Ronnie Lane/'How Come?' b/w 'Tell Everyone' & 'Done This One Before'/2008/11/21
Roy Harper/Return Of The Sophisticated Beggar/2006/08/28LinerNotes
Roy Harper/Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith/2007/09/24
Roy Harper/Folkjokeopus/2017/07/08
Roy Harper/Flat Baroque And Berserk/2005/07/21
Roy Harper/Stormcock/2018/10/17
Roy Harper/Lifemask/2018/06/08
Roy Harper/Valentine/2018/08/14
Roy Harper/Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion/2017/07/14
Roy Harper/HQ/2012/01/02
Roy Harper/HQ/2017/11/11
Roy Harper/Bullinamingvase/2017/06/17


Sandy Denny/The Original Sandy Denny/2010/02/03LinerNotes
Sandy Denny/Sandy & The Strawbs/2005/12/06
Sandy Denny & The Strawbs/All Our Own Work/2010/07/14LinerNotes
Sandy Denny/The North Star Grassman And The Ravens(海と私のねじれたキャンドル)/2005/08/03LinerNotes
Sandy Denny/Sandy/2006/11/11LinerNotes
Sandy Denny/Sandy/2010/06/21
Sandy Denny/Like An Old Fashioned Waltz/2006/07/31LinerNotes
Sandy Denny/Rendezvous/2009/11/13
Sandy Denny/Who Knows Where The Time Goes?/2019/02/19
Sandy Denny/'Gold Dust' Live At The Royalty/2008/07/24LinerNotes
Sandy Denny/The Best Of The BBC Recordings/2009/01/06
Shades Of Mac Murrough/Carrig River/2011/02/01LinerNotes
Shelagh McDonald/Album/2005/08/05
Shelagh McDonald/Star Gazer/2006/07/04
Shelagh McDonald/Let No Man Steal Your Thyme/2007/03/17LinerNotes
Shirley Collins/Sweet England/2011/02/06LinerNotes
Shirley Collins/The Bonny Irish Boy/2011/08/14
Shirley Collins & Davy Graham/Folk Roots, New Routes/2005/09/19LinerNotes
Shirley Collins & Davy Graham/Folk Roots, New Routes/2016/08/14
Shirley Collins/The Sweet Primeroses/2006/10/3LinerNotes
Shirley Collins/The Sweet Primeroses/2013/09/10
Shirley Collins/The Power Of The True Love Knot/2007/04/12LinerNotes
Shirley Collins/Just As The Tide Was Flowing/2013/01/24
Shirley & Dolly Collins/Anthems In Eden/2008/01/15
Shirley & Dolly Collins/Love, Death And The Lady/2008/03/19
Shirley & Dolly Collins/For As Many As Will/2015/12/17
Shirley & Dolly Collins/The Harvest Years/2008/09/04LinerNotes
Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band/No Roses/2005/07/22LinerNotes
Shirley Collins/Adieu To Old England/2008/04/30LinerNotes
Shirley Collins/Amaranth/2015/04/10
Spirogyra/St. Radigunds/2006/06/14
Spirogyra/St. Radigunds/2007/12/20LinerNotes
Spirogyra/The Future Won't Be Long/2011/10/02
Spirogyra/Old Boot Wine/2006/06/16
Spirogyra/Bells, Boots, And Shambles/2006/06/17
Spirogyra/Burn The Bridges/2006/05/15LinerNotes
Spirogyra/A Canterbury Tale/2006/02/23LinerNotes
Spriguns/Time Will Pass/2006/12/02
Steeleye Span/Hark! Village The Wait/2005/08/10
Steeleye Span/Please To See The King/2010/04/17
Steeleye Span/Ten Man Mop Or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again/2006/06/13
Steeleye Span/Below The Salt/2011/11/28
Steeleye Span/Parcel Of Rogues/2011/12/01
Steeleye Span/Now We Are Six/2011/12/07
Steeleye Span/Commoners Crown/2011/12/11
Steeleye Span/All Around My Hat/2011/12/13
Steeleye Span/The Lark In The Morning/2005/11/12LinerNotes
Steve Ashley/Stroll On/2008/08/06LinerNotes
Steve Ashley/Fire And Wine/2011/08/21
Steve Tilston/An Acoustic Confusion/2006/08/07
Stone Angel/Stone Angel/2012/06/30
Strawbs/Grave New World/2009/12/01LinerNotes
String Driven Thing/The Early Years 1968-1972/2007/10/21
Sutherland Brothers' Band/The Sutherland Brothers' Band/2016/01/23
Sutherland Brothers/Lifeboat/2016/02/02
Sutherland Brothers/Lifeboat/2016/02/14
Sutherland Bros. & Quiver/Dream Kid/2016/08/27
Sutherland Bros. & Quiver/Beat Of The Street/2016/11/22
Sutherland Bros. & Quiver/Reach For The Sky/2016/12/10
Sutherland Bros. & Quiver/Slipstream/2019/01/30
Sutherland Bros. & Quiver/The Very Best Of…/2016/01/04
Sweeney's Men/Sweeney's Men/2007/09/13
Sweeney's Men/The Tracks Of Sweeney/2007/09/14
Sweeney's Men/The Legend Of Sweeney's Men/2005/10/04LinerNotes


Tennent & Morrison/Tennent & Morrison/2005/10/16
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior/Folk Songs Of Olde England Vol.1 & 2/2010/04/24
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior/Summer Solstice/2006/09/01
Tir Na Nog/Tir Na Nog/2008/07/07
Trader Horne/Morning Way/2005/09/02LinerNotes
Trader Horne/'Here Comes The Rain' b/w 'Goodbye Mercy Kelly'/2010/09/08
Trees/The Garden Of Jane Delawney/2006/08/20
Trees/On The Shore/2006/08/27LinerNotes
Trembling Bells/Carbeth/2010/10/25
Trembling Bells/Abandoned Love/2010/10/28
Tufty Swift & Sue Harris/Hammers, Tongues & A Bakewell Tart/2008/03/23
Vashti Bunyan/Just Another Diamond Day/2008/10/10LinerNotes
Vashti Bunyan/Lookaftering/2005/12/09
V/A / Beginners Guide To English Folk/2016/03/20
V/A / The Bird In The Bush(Traditional Erotic Songs)/2009/07/09LinerNotes
V/A / Electric Muse(The Story Of Folk Into Rock)/2007/11/09
V/A / The Fate o' Charlie/2014/08/19
V/A / Morris On/2005/08/09LinerNotes
V/A / Our Folk Music Heritage/2010/01/29
V/A / Shining Bright/2010/05/16
V/A / Son Of Morris On/2009/05/21
V/A / Steam Ballads/2010/12/20
V/A / Troubadours Of British Folk, Vol.2: Folk Into Rock(フォークの吟遊詩人たち〜英国編(2)/2005/09/26
V/A / White Bicycles/2006/08/19LinerNotes
Wil Malone/Wil Malone/2007/01/09
Wizz Jones/The Legendary Me/2006/09/07
Wizz Jones/Wizz Jones/2016/11/29
Wizz Jones/The Legendary Me/2007/04/09LinerNotes
Wizz Jones/Right Now/2005/11/16LinerNotes
Wizz Jones/Right Now/2010/03/01LinerNotes
Wizz Jones/When I Leave Berlin/2007/05/09LinerNotes
Wizz Jones/Magical Flight/2007/08/31
Wizz Jones/Soloflight/2017/11/04
Wizz Jones/Lucky The Man/2009/03/12
Woods Band/The Woods Band/2005/08/11LinerNotes



Adverts/Crossing The Red Sea With…/2006/09/22LinerNotes
Blondie/Atomic:The Very Best Of…/2006/01/03LinerNotes
Boys/The Boys + Bonus/2006/08/20LinerNotes
Boys/Alternative Chartbusters/2006/11/23LinerNotes
Buzzcocks/Singles Going Steady/2005/08/18LinerNotes
Buzzcocks/Orgasm Addict/2013/01/29
Clash/The Clash(白い暴動)/2005/08/01
Clash/Give'em Enough Rope(動乱)/2006/05/13
Clash/London Calling/2005/07/26
Clash/Super Black Market Clash/2007/10/24LinerNotes
Clash/From Here To Eternity Live/2012/05/02
Cure/Boys Don't Cry/2005/10/07
Cure/Boys Don't Cry/2011/07/16
Cure/The Top/2014/03/04
Cure/The Head On The Door/2014/03/23
Cure/Staring At The Sea-The Singles/2013/12/27
Cure/Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me/2014/05/05
Damned/Damned Damned Damned(地獄に堕ちた野郎ども)/2005/07/27
Damned/Damned Damned Damned(地獄に堕ちた野郎ども) 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition/2007/03/31LinerNotes
Damned/Machine Gun Etiquette/2006/04/23
Damned/Machine Gun Etiquette/2010/07/23
Damned/The Black Album/2005/10/21LinerNotes
Damned/Live At Shepperton '80/2005/09/16
Damned/Phantasmagoria (Expanded Edition Disc2)/2015/12/27
Damned/Tales From The Damned/2006/08/14LinerNotes
Damned/Punk Generation : Best Of Oddities & Versions/2006/08/14LinerNotes
Dexys Midnight Runners/Searching For The Young Soul Rebels/2007/02/14
Dexys Midnight Runners/Too-Rye-Ay/2007/03/03LinerNotes
Dexys Midnight Runners/BBC Radio One Live In Concert/2012/02/13
Dexys Midnight Runners/The Projected Passion Revue/2007/05/18
Dire Straits/Dire Straits/2005/07/28
Dire Straits/Sultans Of Swing (Lyrics)/2012/01/21
Dire Straits/Communique/2005/11/20
Dire Straits/Making Movies/2008/01/29
Dire Straits/Live In Germany/2011/09/09
Dire Straits/'Sultans Of Swing'(悲しきサルタン) b/w 'Eastbound Train'/2008/11/21
Echo & The Bunnymen/Crocodiles/2005/07/30LinerNotes
Echo & The Bunnymen/Heaven Up Here/2005/12/22LinerNotes
Echo & The Bunnymen/Porcupine(やまあらし)/2007/08/20LinerNotes
Echo & The Bunnymen/Ocean Rain/2006/12/19LinerNotes
Echo & The Bunnymen/The Killing Moon/2013/05/17
Elvis Costello And The Attractions/This Year's Model/2009/04/17
Elvis Costello And The Attractions/Armed Forces/2009/10/09


Gang Of Four/Entertainment!/2005/08/12LinerNotes
Gang Of Four/Solid Gold/2007/02/14br
Graham Parker & The Rumour/Sqeezing Out Sparks & Live Sparks/2008/12/27LinerNotes
Jam/In The City/2005/07/26
Jam/This Is The Modern World/2009/08/24
Jam/This Is The Modern World/2011/06/21
Jam/The Modern World/2012/09/16
Jam/All Mod Cons/2005/12/06
Jam/All Mod Cons Deluxe Edition/2006/06/20LinerNotes
Jam/Setting Sons/2005/07/30
Jam/Setting Sons/2010/06/16
Jam/Setting Sons/2011/07/14
Jam/Sound Affects/2006/11/23
Jam/Sound Affects Deluxe Edition/2010/09/14
***Jam/The Gift/2005/07/28
Jam/The Jam At The BBC/2006/02/25LinerNotes
Jam/The Jam At The Rainbow/2013/08/18
Jam/The 100 Club 1977/2007/08/22LinerNotes
Jam/Fire & Skill (Disc 1)/2015/11/06
Jam/Fire & Skill (Disc 2)/2015/11/09
Jam/Fire & Skill (Disc 3)/2015/11/16
Jam/Fire & Skill (Disc 4)/2015/11/19
Jam/Fire & Skill (Disc 5)/2015/11/23
Jam/Fire & Skill (Disc 6)/2015/11/27
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers/D.T.K.-L.A.M.F./2006/10/15LinerNotes
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers/Chinese Rocks/2011/11/21
Joy Division/Unknown Pleasures/2005/11/03
Joy Division/Closer/2007/09/20
Joy Division/Still/2007/06/06
Joy Division/Substance/2005/08/02
Julian Cope/Fried/2015/05/15


Madness/One Step Beyond…/2017/04/23
Madness/Presents The Rise & Fall/2005/10/14
Madness/Presents The Rise & Fall/2017/04/28
Madness/Best Of…(Divine)/2005/08/04
Maximum Joy/Unlimited (1979-1983)/2007/12/11LinerNotes
Monochrome Set / Strange Boutique/Love Zombies/2012/05/30LinerNotes
Monochrome Set/Tomorrow Will Be Too Long(Best Of)/2005/10/15
Monochrome Set/Eligible Bachelors/2005/07/26
Monochrome Set/Eligible Bachelors/2010/06/26
Monochrome Set/The Lost Weekend/2012/06/07
Monochrome Set/Westminster Affair/2008/03/15LinerNotes
Monochrome Set/Volume, Contrast, Brilliance...Sessions & Singles, Vol.1/2006/05/24
Monochrome Set/Volume, Contrast, Brilliance...Unreleased & Rare, Vol.2/2016/06/26
Monochrome Set/The Independent Singles Collection/2008/04/02LinerNotes
Monochrome Set/The Good Life/2016/06/15
Morrissey/Low In High School/2018/08/09
Naz Nomad&The Nightmares/Give Daddy The Knife Cindy/2005/09/27
999(Nine Nine Nine)/The Punk Singles 1977-1980/2007/02/24
***Oasis/Morning Glory?/2005/07/21


Pigbag/Dr Heckle And Mr Jive/2007/09/04
Plasticland/Make Yourself A Happening Machine/2009/09/30LinerNotes
Plasticland/Mink Dress And Other Cats/2016/01/27
Pop Group/Y(最後の警告)/2005/12/01
Pop Group/The Boys From Brazil/2011/08/12
Pop Group/How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?/2005/12/23
Pop Group/We Are Time/2008/03/13
Pop Group/Cabinet Of Curiosities/2015/03/25
Prisoners/A Taste Of Pink!/2005/08/10LinerNotes
Prisoners/The Last Fourfathers/2006/09/01LinerNotes
Prisoners/In From The Cold/2007/02/10LinerNotes
Prisoners/Rare And Unissued/2013/09/15
Raincoats/The Raincoats/2006/02/16LinerNotes
Raincoats/The Kitchen Tapes/2007/12/01LinerNotes
Ramones/Rocket To Russia +5/2007/05/16LinerNotes
Ramones/Acid Eaters/2012/07/15
Rip Rig & Panic/"God" Plus/2007/10/01
Rip Rig & Panic/I Am Cold/2007/11/13


Sex Pistols/Never Mind The Bollocks(勝手にしやがれ)/2005/07/21
Sex Pistols/God Save The Queen/2011/09/26
Sex Pistols/Kiss This(The Best Of...)/2006/08/18
Siouxsie & The Banshees/The Scream/2012/03/20
Siouxsie & The Banshees/Join Hands/2015/04/03
Siouxsie & The Banshees/Kaleidoscope/2006/05/31
Siouxsie & The Banshees/Juju(呪々)/2005/10/18
Siouxsie & The Banshees/A Kiss In The Dreamhouse/2006/01/27
Siouxsie & The Banshees/Nocturne/2005/12/15
Siouxsie & The Banshees/Nocturne (DVD)/2013/10/12
Siouxsie & The Banshees/Through The Looking Glass/2013/08/25
Slits/Return Of The Giant Slits(大地の音)/2005/10/28
Slits/Return Of The Giant Slits(大地の音)/2010/10/21
Slits/In The Beginning - A Live Anthology 1977-81/2006/03/19LinerNotes
Slits/The Peel Sessions/2007/07/24LinerNotes
Smiths/The Smiths/2007/06/28
Smiths/Hatful Of Hollow/2018/10/05
Smiths/Hatful Of Hollow/2011/06/27
Smiths/Meat Is Murder/2007/08/18
Smiths / The Smiths/Meat Is Murder/2018/11/04
Smiths/Queen Is Dead/2005/07/22
Smiths/Queen Is Dead/2017/10/05
Smiths/Queen Is Dead/2010/07/05
Smiths/Cemetery Gates/2014/09/12
Smiths/Never Had No One Ever/2014/09/16
Smiths/Frankly, Mr Shankly/2016/10/19
Smiths/Strangeways, Here We Come/2007/02/03
Smiths/Louder Than Bombs/2006/04/28
Smiths/Elvis Would Have Smiled,,,,/2008/04/18
Smiths/The Sound Of The Smiths/2009/02/07
Sonic Youth/Dirty/2009/08/06
Specials/The Specials/2005/11/03LinerNotes
Squeeze/The Complete BBC Sssions/2008/09/29
Stranglers/Rattus Norvegicus(野獣の館)/2005/07/22
Stranglers/No More Heroes/2005/08/08
Stranglers/Black & White/2005/07/29LinerNotes
Stranglers/Live X-cert/2007/07/12LinerNotes
Stranglers/The Raven/2005/08/28LinerNotes
Stranglers/La Folie/2006/06/03LinerNotes
Stranglers/La Folie/2011/06/23
Stranglers/Live At The Hammersmith Odeon '81/2012/05/05
Stranglers/Story So Far/2009/02/10
***Stranglers/Decade:The Best Of 1981-1990/2012/05/23
***Style Council/Our Favourite Shop/2005/07/27


Teardrop Explodes/Kilimanjaro/2015/04/15
Teardrop Explodes/Wilder/2015/04/19
Television/Marquee Moon/2013/09/05
Throbbing Gristle/20 Jazz Funk Greats/2006/01/06
Undertones/The Undertones/2006/06/07LinerNotes
Undertones/Positive Touch/2005/08/01LinerNotes
Undertones/The Sin Of Pride/2008/03/01
Undertones/Listening In (Radio Sessions 1978-82)/2011/12/08
Undertones/Teenage Kicks:The Story Of… (DVD)/2014/10/14
U2/Boy (Deluxe Edition)/2013/07/05
U2/October (Deluxe Edition)/2013/07/01
U2/Under A Blood Red Sky(四騎)/2007/08/04
Wire/Pink Flag/2006/11/05
Wire/Chairs Missing(消えた椅子)/2006/11/06
XTC / Black Sea/English Settlement/2014/12/03



Al Green/Gets Next To You/2011/04/21
Al Green/Let's Stay Together/2009/10/20
Al Green/Explores Your Mind/2006/02/04
Al Green/The Hi Singles As And Bs/2007/09/14LinerNotes
Ann Peebles/This Is Ann Peebles/2010/10/02
Ann Peebles/Straight From The Heart/2005/08/14
Ann Peebles/Straight From The Heart/2010/10/03
Ann Peebles/I Can't Stand The Rain/2010/10/04
Ann Peebles/The Complete Ann Peebles On Hi Records/2006/07/15LinerNotes
Aretha Franklin/I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You(貴方だけを愛して)/2011/03/04
Aretha Franklin/Aretha Arrives/2011/03/06
Aretha Franklin/Lady Soul/2011/03/09
Aretha Franklin/Aretha Now/2009/06/28
Aretha Franklin/Aretha In Paris/2012/10/20
Arthur Conley/Sweet Soul Music/2013/11/01
Bar-Kays/Soul Finger/2005/09/02
Bill Coday/Right On Baby : The Crajon Recordings/2006/05/23
Billy Boy Arnold/Blow The Back Off It/2010/04/28
Bobby Womack/Lookin' For A Love Again/2014/05/27
Bo Diddley/Have Guitar, Will Travel/2009/06/23
Booker T. & The MG's/Green Onions/2010/12/26
Booker T. & The MG's/Soul Dressing/2005/08/04
Booker T. & The MG's/Soul Dressing/2010/12/28
Booker T. & The MG's/And Now!/2011/01/03
Booker T. & The MG's/Hip Hug-Her/2011/01/06
Booker T. & The MG's/In The Christmas Spirit/2005/12/24
Booker T. & The MG's/Doin' Our Thing/2011/01/09
Booker T. & The MG's/Soul Limbo/2011/01/13
Buddy Guy/A Man And The Blues/2007/09/17
Candi Staton/I'm Just A Prisoner/2010/09/22
Candi Staton/Stand By Your Man/2010/09/24
Candi Staton/Best Of…(1st+2nd+Singles)/2005/08/01LinerNotes
Candi Staton/Evidence/2011/06/17LinerNotes
Chuck Berry/After School Session/2012/08/11
Chuck Berry/Very Good!!/2017/01/24
Clarence Carter/This Is Clarence Carter + Testifyin'/2005/09/16LinerNotes
Clarence Carter/Testifyin'/2008/08/28
Curtis Mayfield / Curits/Live!/2012/07/18
David Ruffin/My Whole World Ended/2018/01/02
David Ruffin/Feelin' Good/2017/12/24
Denise La Salle / Trapped By A Thing Called Love/On The Loose/2013/11/17
Diana Ross & The Supremes/The Best Of…/2012/06/12
Don Bryant/Comin' On Strong/2009/06/19LinerNotes
Don Covay & The Goodtimers/Mercy!/2010/08/13
Don Covay/See-Saw/2006/02/17
Eddie Floyd/Knock On Wood/2012/09/24
Eddie Floyd/Rare Stamps/2007/05/05
Etta James/Rocks The House/2011/02/26
Etta James/Call My Name/2005/12/24
Etta James/Call My Name/2011/09/27
Etta James/Tell mama : The Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions/2006/06/20LinerNotes


Fame Gang/Solid Gold From Muscle Shoals/2007/07/02
Fame Gang/Grits & Gravy:The Best Of.../2015/06/30LinerNotes
5 Stairsteps & Cubie/Love's Happening/2010/08/17
Four Tops/Greatest Hits/2018/07/08
Garnet Mimms/Warm & Soulful/2010/08/18
Guitar Slim/Sufferin' Mind/2006/01/19
Guitar Slim & Earl King/Battle Of The Blues/2010/07/28
Howlin' Wolf/Howlin' Wolf(Rockin' Chair)/2005/12/11
Ike And Tina Turner/It's Gonna Work Out Fine/2007/05/29
Ikettes/Can't Sit Down…'Cos It Feels So Good!/2011/04/17
Impressions / The Impressions/Keep On Pushing/People Get Ready/2014/08/03
Impressions/We're A Winner/2014/09/03
Impressions/This Is My Country & The Young Mods' Forgotten Story/2008/02/08LinerNotes
Irma Thomas/Something Good : The Muscle Shoals Sessions/2005/10/25LinerNotes
James Brown/Roots Of A Revolution/2006/03/18
James Brown/The Singles Vol.3: 1964-65/2010/11/21LinerNotes
James Brown/The Singles Vol.4: 1966-67/2010/11/03LinerNotes
James Brown/The Singles Vol.5: 1967-69/2010/11/06LinerNotes
James Brown/The Singles Vol.6: 1969-70/2010/11/02LinerNotes
James Brown/The Singles Vol.7: 1970-72/2010/11/08LinerNotes
James Brown/Love Power Peace/2010/12/05
James Brown/Say It Live And Loud/2010/11/22LinerNotes
James Carr/You Got My Mind Messed Up/2005/07/26LinerNotes
James Carr/At The Dark End Of The Street/2007/11/27
James Carr/The Complete Goldwax Singles/2010/07/26LinerNotes
Jimmy Hughes/Why Not Tonight?/2010/06/10
Jimmy Reed/Upside Your Head/2010/04/30
Joe Simon/You Keep Me Hangin' On/2013/10/30
Joe Simon/No Sad Songs/2010/04/05
Joe Tex/I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better/2011/05/08
Joe Tex/Buying A Book/2011/05/11
Joe Tex/Best Of Joe Tex/2009/06/25
Johnnie Taylor/Wanted One Soul Singer/2009/01/13
Junior Parker/Like It Is/2014/03/10
Junior Walker/Shake And Fingerpop/2012/03/17
Junior Walker/Soul Session/2016/12/25
Junior Walker/Live/2017/01/03
Junior Wells/Hoodoo Man Blues/2006/01/12


Kelly Brothers/Sanctified Southern Soul/2006/05/07LinerNotes
Larry Williams/Dizzy Miss Lizzy/2012/08/05
Lattimore Brown/Deep Soul Classics Vol. 1/2009/09/04
Laura Lee/That's How It Is (Chess Years Best)/2006/01/08
Laura Lee/The Chess Collection/2006/06/26LinerNotes
Laura Lee/Up Tight Good Woman/2010/10/13
Lee Dorsey/Holy Cow:The Very Best Of.../2007/05/20
Little Richard / Volume 2/Little Richard Is Back/2017/05/22
Mad Lads/In Action/2006/06/06
Major Lance/Major's Greatest Hits/2016/10/03
Mar-Keys/Booker T. & The MG's/Back To Back/2012/05/20
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas/Anthology/2009/11/17
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas/Dance Party/2017/09/07
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas/Watchout!/2018/07/01
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas/Ridin' High/2018/06/14
Marvin Gaye/That Stubborn Kinda..+ How Sweet It Is/2005/09/16
Marvin Gaye/How Sweet It is/2011/10/07
Marvin Gaye/Moods Of.../2011/10/11
Maurice & Mac/Lean On Me/2006/09/23
Meters/Look-ka Py Py/2012/06/16
Muddy Waters/The Best Of Muddy Waters/2005/12/11
Muddy Waters/Trouble No More/2011/05/30
Ollie & The Nightingales/Ollie & The Nightingales/2006/01/15
Ollie Nightingale/Sweet Surrender/2006/06/01
Otis Clay/Trying To Live My Life Without You(愛なき世界で)/2005/12/10
Otis Clay/Trying To Live My Life Without You(愛なき世界で)/2016/01/14
Otis Clay/Testify!/2008/02/03LinerNotes
Otis Redding/Otis Blue/2010/03/30
Otis Redding/Live In Europe/2015/07/16
Otis Redding/The Otis Redding Story/2011/04/25
Otis Redding/The Very Best Of Otis Redding/2006/05/27LinerNotes
Otis Redding/Remember Me/2006/06/29
Otis Redding/Live On The Sunset Strip/2010/05/30LinerNotes
Otis Redding/Live In London & Paris/2017/01/05
Ovations/Goldwax Recordings〜featuring Louis Williams/2006/04/22LinerNotes
Ovations Featuring Louis Williams/One In A Million/2008/04/19LinerNotes
O.V. Wright/Nucleus Of Soul/2013/10/05
O.V. Wright/A Nickel And A Nail And The Ace Of Spades/2012/11/17
O.V. Wright/Ace Of Spades/2014/03/29
O.V. Wright/Memphis Unlimited/2009/04/13
O.V. Wright/He's My Son(Just The Same)/2012/11/23
O.V. Wright/Best Of…/2005/08/14
O.V. Wright/O.V. Wright Live/2010/12/13
O.V. Wright/What About Me/2018/01/29


Percy Sledge/When A Man Loves A Woman(男が女を愛する時)/2013/10/24
Quiet Elegance/The Complete/2006/05/16LinerNotes
Robert Parker/Barefootin'/2006/04/05
Ruffin Brothers/I Am My Brother's Keeper/2018/01/06
Rufus Thomas/Jump Back/2012/04/19
Rufus Thomas/Do The Funky Chicken/2007/05/13
Sam Cooke/The Man And His Music/2013/08/13
Sam Cooke/Live At Harlem Square Club, 1963/2007/07/30
Sam & Dave/Hold On, I'm Comin'/2011/10/17
Sam & Dave/Double Dynamite/2011/10/23
Sam & Dave/Soul Men/2011/10/26
Sam & Dave/I Thank You/2011/10/28
Sam & Dave/The Best Of Sam & Dave/2006/06/01
Slim Harpo/Tip On In/2010/04/26
Sly & The Family Stone/The Essential〜/2014/03/13
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles/Going To A Go-Go/2012/03/16
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles/Special Occasion/2018/04/06
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles/Gold/2006/08/29
Solomon Burke/The Best Of…/2007/08/17
Solomon Burke/Take Me/2010/05/27
Soul Children/Soul Children/2007/07/21
Soul Children/Best Of Two Worlds/2012/02/06
Soul Children/Genesis/2005/11/22LinerNotes
Soul Children/Friction/2008/01/11
Soul Children/Finders Keepers/2011/04/20
Spencer Wiggins/The Goldwax Years/2006/04/15LinerNotes
Spencer Wiggins/Feed The Flame/2010/07/10LinerNotes
Staple Singers/Amen!/2012/02/23
Staple Singers/Tell It Like It Is/2012/02/20
Staple Singers/We'll Get Over/2006/09/08
Staple Singers/Be Altitude : Respect Yourself/2005/12/30
Sweet Inspirations/The Sweet Inspirations/2008/02/24LinerNotes
Sweet Inspirations/What The World Needs Now Is Love/2009/07/17
Sweet Inspirations/Sweets For My Sweet/2006/04/13
Syl Johnson/Back For A Taste Of Your Love/2009/06/17


Temptations/Temptin' Temtations/2012/03/13
Tony Borders/The Tony Borders Revue/2008/02/11
V/A / A Touch Of Soul Vol. 2/2010/03/27
V/A / Goldwax Collection Vol. 2/2010/03/24
V/A / Stax Instrumentals/2007/10/18LinerNotes
V/A / Tear Stained Soul/2010/03/19
V/A / The R&B Sessions/2010/03/25
William Bell/The Soul Of A Bell/2011/03/01
Willie Hightower/Willie Hightower/2007/10/11LinerNotes
Willie Hightower/If I Had A Hammer/2016/07/08
Willie Mitchell/Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On + Live At The Royal/2006/02/28
Willie Mitchell/Solid Soul/2010/01/10
Wilson Pickett/In The Midnight Hour/2011/05/14
Wilson Pickett/In The Midnight Hour/2017/03/31
Wilson Pickett/The Exciting Wilson Pickett/2011/05/18
Wilson Pickett/The Wicked PIckett/2011/05/23
Wilson Pickett/The Sound Of Wilson Pickett/2011/05/26
Wilson Pickett/I'm In Love/2006/01/21
Wilson Pickett/I'm In Love/2012/02/08
Wilson Pickett/The Midnight Mover/2012/02/10
Wilson Pickett/Hey Jude/2012/02/11
Wilson Pickett/The Definitive Wilson Pickett(ザ・ヴェリー・ベスト・オブ...)/2006/06/22LinerNotes


鈴木 茂/バンド・ワゴン/2007/09/06
チナ・キャッツ・トリップス・バンド/トリッピング・ツアー 2007
フェイヴ・レイヴス/Another Night In Memphis/2016/10/29
細野 晴臣/HOSONO HOUSE/2008/07/04
モッズ/Fight Or Flight/2018/07/19
モップス / あの日の若者/モップスと16人の仲間/2009/01/14


Chris McGregor/Brotherhood Of Breath/2010/03/30LinerNotes
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath/Brotherhood/2010/08/31
France Gall/1968/2005/09/17
France Gall/Les Sucettes(アニーとボンボン)/2012/08/12
Iron Maiden/Iron Maiden(鋼鉄の処女)/2005/11/14
Klezmer Conservatory Band/Yiddishe Renaissance/2012/10/4
Mose Allison/Greatest Hits/2009/01/13LinerNotes
Mose Allison/V8 Ford Blues/2012/07/31
Polyphony Of The Deep Rain Forest/Music of the Ituri Pugmies/2016/01/09