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National Health/Missing Pieces DAVE SINCLAIR/Moon Over Man GOWEN MILLER SINCLAIR TOMKINS/BEFORE A WORD IS SAID ELTON DEAN/Two's and Three's David Bedford/The Garden Of Love Alan Gowen & Hugh Hopper/Improvisations MASHU/Elephants in your head? ELTON DEAN PAUL DUNMALL/if Dubois Only Knew PIP PYLE/7 YEAR ITCH PIP PYLE'S EQUIPE OUT Elton Dean Alan Skidmore Chris Laurence John Marshall/EL SKID Soft Machine/turns on volume 1 SOFT MACHINE/FACELIFT Soft Machine/turns on volume 2 SOFT MACHINE/somewhere In Soho Dick Heckstall-Smith/WOZA NASU SOFT MACHINE/Breda Reactor PIP PYLE'S EQUIP' OUT/UP! THE SOFT MACHINE/ALIVE IN PARIS OVARY LODGE CENTIPEDE SEPTOBER ENERGY Mujician and The Georgian Ensemble/The Bristol Concert KEITH AND JULIE TIPPETT/COUPLE IN SPRIT II


Daevid Allen Trio/Live 1963 the Wild Flowers National Health/D.S.al Coda lol coxhill,morgan fisher/slow music SOFT MACHINE/RUBBER RIFF SOFT MACHINE/LIVE AT THE PARADISO HOWARD RILEY ELTON DEAN Quartet/Descending Circles elton dean hugh hopper vince clarke frances knight/the mind in the trees SUNSET WADING/John G. Perry SOFT MACHINE/Live ELTON DEAN,MARK SANDERS,ROBERTO BELLATALLA/INTO THE NIERIKA HOPPER S.KLOSSNER/different HOPPER S.KLOSSNER/cryptids ELTON DEAN/QED 2NDVISION


SOUPSONGS LIVE harry beckett quintet/before and after HOWARD RILEY KEITH TIPPETT/interchange Howard Riley/Singleness HOWARD RILEY KEITH TIPPETT IN FOCUS HOWARD RILEY/THE TORONTO CONCERT HOWARD RILEY/DUALITY Howard Riley Keith Tippett/FIRST ENCOUNTER Howard Riley Barry Guy John Stevens/ORGANIC Howard Riley/TRISECT WESTBROOK MUSIC THEATRE/THE ASS THE DANCE BAND/PIERIDES GRAHAM COLLIER/charles river fragments HARRY BECKETT/FLARE UP GRAHAM COLLIER/WINTER ORANGES GRAHAM COLLIER SEXTET/GRAHAM COLLIER/the third colour Graham Collier and The Collective/bread and circuses peter fairclough & keith tippett/IMAGO Howard Riley trio/discussions MIKE WESTBROOK/Mama Chicago HOWARD RILEY/FOR FOUR ON TWO TWO