John Surman

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PETER LEMER QUINTET/Local Colour Trad Dads,Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers The Mike Westbrook Concert Band/CELEBRATION Alexis Korner/BOOTLEG HIM! Graham Collier/WORKPOINTS The Mike Westbrook Concert Band/RELEASE JOHN SURMAN Gitte Haenning/meets the Francy Boland Kenny Clarke Big Band Ronnie Scott & The Band/LIVE AT RONNIE SCOTT'S JAZZ IN BRITAIN '68-'69 John McLaughlin/extrapolation The Mike Westbrook Concert Band/MARCHING SONG Vol.1 The Mike Westbrook Concert Band/MARCHING SONG Vol.2 JOHN SURMAN/FLASHPOINT:NDR JAZZ WORKSHOP-APRIL 1969 The Chris McGregor Septet/Up to Earth John Surman/HOW MANY CLOUDS CAN YOU SEE? They All Play The Duke NICE michael gibbs JOHN SURMAN/WAY BACK WHEN ALEXIS KORNER/musically rich...and famous The Baden-Baden Free Jazz Orchestra/GITTIN' TO KNOW Y'All John Surman Trio/Live In Altena MICHEL PORTAL/ALORS!!! The Trio BASS IS Where Fortune Smiles HARRY BECKETT/FLARE UP ALBERT MANGELSDORFF JOHN SURMAN /ROOM 1220 THE ALAN SKIDMORE QUINTET/TCB The Trio/Conflagration Michael Gibbs/TANGLEWOOD63 Chick Corea/CREACTION Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath JOHN TAYLOR/PAUSE,AND THINK AGAIN JOHN SURMAN JOHN WARREN/Tales of the Algonquin WEATHER REPORT/BERLIN SEPTEMBER 3,1971 jack bruce/spirit LIVE AT THE BBC Norma Winstone/Edge of Time MIKE OSBORNE/SHAPES John Surman/Westering Home John Surman/MORNING GLORY S.O.S./Looking For The Next One STU MARTIN JOHN SURMAN/LIVE AT WOODSTOCK TOWN HALL Alan Skidmore Mike Osborne John Surman/SOS MIKE WESTBROOK ORCHESTRA/CITADEL ROOM 315 Barre Phillips/MOUNTAINSCAPES Philippe Sarde/le cinema de Claude Sautet MUMPS/A MATTER OF TASTE Philippe Sarde/le cinema de Bertrand Tavernier Karin Krog John Surman/Cloud Line Blue Alexis Korner and Friends/The Party Album Alexis Korner and Friends/Diamond Clusters STAN TRACEY/DUETS MICK GOODRICK/In Pas(s)ing Miroslav Vitous/First Meeting JOHN SURMAN/UPON REFLECTION Barre Phillips/Journal Violone II PHILLIPS,SURMAN,KEMANIS miroslav vitous group John Surman/THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SIMON SIMONI Miroslav Vitous/Journey's End JOHN SURMAN/Such Winters of Memory THE BARRY ALTSCHUL QUARTET/IRINA THE GIL EVANS BRITISH ORCHESTRA/SAD SWING... GIL EVANS/THE BRITISH ORCHESTRA GIL EVANS/THE BRITISH ORCHESTRA THE COMPLETE CONCERT Graham Collier's Hoarded Dreams JOHN SURMAN/WITHHOLDING PATTERN Poli Palmer/Human Error THE PER HUSBY ORCHESTRA/DEDICATIONS KARIN KROG/FREESTYLE PAUL BLEY/FRAGMENTS The Gil Evans Orchestra featuring John McLaughlin/We Remember Jimi... GIL EVANS/75th BIRTHDAY CONCERT PER HUSBY ORCHESTRA/YOUR EYES STING AND GIL EVANS/LAST SESSION Gil Evans Orchestra/Live at Umbria Jazz 87 Vol.I Gil Evans Orchestra/Live at Umbria Jazz 87 Vol. II THE PAUL BLEY QUARTET JOHN SURMAN/PRIVATE CITY BEKUMMERNIS-LUC LE MASNE-TIL C TIM BRADY/INVENTIONS Route one/USA NDR BIGBAND/Bravissimo II JOHN SURMAN/ROAD TO SAINT IVES BJORN ALTERHAUG/CONSTELLATIONS THE COLIN TOWNS' MASK ORCHESTRA/BOLT FROM THE BLUE John Surman/Adventure Playground Paul Bley Gary Peacock Tony Oxley John Surman/in The Evenings Out There JOHN SURMAN JOHN WARREN/THE BRASS PROJECT John Taylor with John Surman/Ambleside Days John Abercrombie Marc Johnson Peter Erskine John Surman/November John Surman Quartet/Stranger Than Fiction Det var en gang... Karin Krog synger barnesanger John Surman Karin Krog Terje Rypdal Vigleik Storaas/Nordic Quartet John Surman/A Biography Of The Rev.Absalom Dawe Karin Krog/Huskonsert i Aurskog musikk av og etter ANDERS HEYERDAHL John Surman/Proverbs and Songs Anouar Brahem/Thimar John Williams' baritone BAND Misha Alperin/First Impression DOLMEN ORCHESTRA/SEQUENZE ARMONICHE Christine Collister/The Dark Gift Of Time Tomasz Stanko/from The Green Hill Karin Krog & John Surman/BLUESAND PETER JANSON/NORDIC MEETING JOHN DOWLAND/in Darkness Let Me Dwell John Surman/Coruscating SPRING HEEL JACK/DISAPPEARED John Surman Jack DeJohnette/Invisible Nature CHRISTINE COLLISTER/AN EQUAL LOVE JOHN SURMAN/FREE AND EQUAL The Dowland Project/Care-charming sleep The Dowland Project/NightSessions John Surman/APARTMENT #5C the ripple effect/Hybrids KARIN KROG/SEAGULL BERGEN BIG BAND The Dowland Project/Romaria John Surman Howard Moody/Rain On The Window John Surman/The Spaces in Between Wildenvey i ord og toner/Liv Dommersnes/Karin Krog og John Surman John Surman/The Rainbow Band Sessions John Surman/Brewster's Rooster Karin Krog/Oslo calling MAURIZIO BRUNOD/SVARTISEN Karin Krog/Folkways RICHARD GALLIANO/NINO ROTA John Surman/Saltash Bells john surman/glancing backwards John Surman Discography CD