Don Rendell

Don Rendell Jazz Six/Playtime 1958 '53 '59

vocalion CDLK 4284

Don Rendell Jazz Six/Playtime Decca LK 4265
13&14 Mar,1958
Eddie Courtley/trumpet
Eddie Harvey/trombone,piano
Don Rendell/tenor
Ronnie Ross/alto,baritone
Pete Blannin/bass
Andy White/drums

Jazz at The Flamingo Decca DFE 6253
Jump for Jeff
Tres Gai
Jimmy Deuchar/trumpet
Tommy Whittle, Don Rendell/tenor
Benny Green/baritone
Bill Le Sage/piano
Sammy Stokes/bass
Tony Crombie/drums

The Jazz Committee Decca DFE 6587
24 Mar,1959
Bert Courtley/trumpet
Don Rendell/tenor
Eddie Harvey/piano
Pete Blannin/bass
John Dougan/drums