Incus Records

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DEREK BAILEY CYRO BAPTISTA/CYRO DEREK BAILEY & HAN BENNINK/HAN COMPANY/ONCE DEREK BAILEY BARRE PHILLIPS/FIGURING COMPANY/6 & 7 Thebe Lipere Derek Bailey Louis Moholo/VILLAGE LIFE DEREK BAILEY/SOLO GUITAR VOLUME 1 DEREK BAILEY/SOLO GUITAR VOLUME 2 The Music Improvisation Company 1968-1971 Derek Bailey John Stevens/Playing THE TONY OXLEY QUARTET company91/Volume 1 company91/Volume 2 company91/Volume 3 Jamie Muir Derek Bailey/Dart Drug John Stevens Kent Carter Derek Bailey/ONE TIME Bailey Butcher Marshall/Trio Playing Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley/Soho Suites DEREK BAILEY/TAKES FAKES & DEAD SHE DANCES WHEN WE'RE SMILIN AIR MAIL SPECIAL Derek Bailey,Susie Ibarra/DAEDAL LOCationAL Joseph Holbrooke '98 Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey/SONGS company 5 COMPANY EPIPHANY Company in Marseille Derek Bailey/NEW SIGHTS,OLD SOUNDS FLYING DRAGONS DUOS,LONDON 2001 BIDS Derek Bailey & Tristan Honsinger/TRISTAN(DUO) SEVEN Will Gaines/RAPPIN & TAPPIN LIMESCALE Derek Bailey/Lot 74 A Silent Dance The DUCKS Palace Derek Bailey/MORE74 Derek Bailey/CONCERT IN MILWAUKEE TONY OXLEY A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE - 75YEARS Joseph Holbrooke '65 Visitors Book Live at Lamar's BARBARIAN With Robin Shulkowsky in Concert & Studio HOWDY Under Tracey's Bed The Appleyard File CHATS In Church South DIFFERENT GUITARS FILMED at the SidecaR Derek Bailey/THEN