Nick Evans

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GRAHAM COLLIER SEXTET/Down Another Road Manfred Mann Chapter Three the keith tippett group/you are here...I am there Julie Driscoll/1969 SOFT MACHINE/BBC RADIO 1967-1971 SOFT MACHINE/BACKWARDS SOFT MACHINE/THIRD KEVIN AYERS/Just for Old Times Sake King Crimson/LIZARD King Crimson/Frame by Frame 1969-71 B.B.Blunder/Workers'Playtime BILL FAY/TIME OF THE LAST PERSECUTION Ray Russell/Rites and Rituals MEMPHIS SLIM/THE BLUE MEMPHIS SUITE The Trio/Conflagration Reg King Duffy Power/Vampers and Champers The Keith Tippett Group/Dedicated to You,But You Wern't Listening SOFT MACHINE/FOURTH DAEVID ALLEN/BANANA MOON Robert Wyatt/Flotsam Jetsam CENTIPEDE/Septober Energy Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath Chris McGregor's BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH/BREMEN TO BRIDGWATER Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath/ECLIPSE AT DAWN Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath/Brotherhood COMMAND ALL STARS/CURIOSITIES 1972 ELTON DEAN/JUST US hugh hopper/1984 Gary Windo/HIS MASTER'S BONES Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath/TRAVELLING SOMEWHERE CHRIS MCGREGOR'S BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH/Live at Willisau Harry Miller/different times,different places. ALEXIS KORNER/musically rich...and famous DUDU PUKWANA/DIAMOND EXPRESS HARRY MILLER'S ISIPINGO/FULL STEAM AHEAD JULIE TIPPETTS/SUNSET GLOW HARRY MILLER'S ISIPINGO/WHICH WAY NOW Elton Dean's NINESENSE/OH! FOR THE EDGE Gary Windo/ANGLO AMERICAN ELTON DEAN'S NINESENSE/HAPPY DAZE ELTON DEAN'S NINESENSE/LIVE AT THE BBC louis moholo-moholo octet/Spirits Rejoice! Keith Tippett's ARK/FRAMES Elton Dean's Ninesense/The 100 Club Concert 1979 ELTON DEAN'S NINESENSE/FEEL ELTON DEAN'S NINESENSE SUITE DREAMTIME/DOUBLE TROUBLE Keith Tippett Septet/A loose kite in a gentle wind floating with only my will for an anchor Dreamtime/Cathanger '86 ANDY SHEPPARD ELTON DEAN/THE VORTEX TAPES dreamtime/zen fish SLAMFEST ELTON DEAN/QED