Derek Bailey

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Joseph Holbrooke '65 Derek Bailey/Pieces for Guitar SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE/WITHDRAWAL SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE/OLiv & Familie SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE/Karyobin Tony Oxley Quintet/The Baptised Traveller THE PETER BROTZMANN SEXTET/NIPPLES PETER BROTZMANN/MORE NIPPLES MANFRED SCHOOF/european echoes The Music Improvisation Company 1968-1971 Han Bennink/Derek Bailey Laurie Scott Baker/GRACILITY Tony Oxley/4 Compositions for sextet Fragments P BROTZMANN GROUP/FUCK DE BOERE Groupcomposing EVAN PARKER/the topography of the lungs THE MUSIC IMPROVISATION COMPANY ISKRA 1903/CHAPTER ONE Alexander von Schlippenbach's GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA/GLOBE UNITY 67&70 ISKRA 1903/BUZZ SOUNDTRACK DEREK BAILEY/SOLO GUITAR VOLUME 1 fairly early DEREK BAILEY with postscripts Basil Kirchin/QUANTUM ISKRA 1903/GOLDSMITHS BARRY GUY LONDON JAZZ COMPOSERS ORCHESTRA/ODE DEREK BAILEY HAN BENNINK Derek Bailey/THEN DIFFERENT GUITARS KENNY WHEELER/song for someone DEREK BAILEY/INCUS TAPS STEVE LACY/saxophone special + Paul Rutherford & ISKRA 1912/SEQUENCES 72 & 73 Bailey/Stevens/Watts:Dynamics of the impromptu Spontaneous Music Ensemble/Quintessence Derek Bailey/Lot 74 Derek Bailey/MORE74 ANTHONY BRAXTON & DEREK BAILEY/FIRST DUO CONCERT LONDON 1974 GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA/HAMBURG '74 Tony Oxley,Derek Bailey/The advocate DEREK BAILEY EVAN PARKER/THE LONDON CONCERT Steve Lacy/Scratching the Seventies,Dreams DEREK BAILEY/DOMESTIC & PUBLIC PIECES DEREK BAILEY/improvisation Gavin Bryars/THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC Derek Bailey & Tristan Honsinger/TRISTAN(DUO) Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley/Soho Suites Derek Bailey Andrea Centazzo/DROPS company 5 COMPANY/6 & 7 GLOBE UNITY/IMPROVISATIONS DEREK BAILEY/DUO&TRIO IMPROVISATION Derek Bailey/NEW SIGHTS,OLD SOUNDS AIDA'S CALL Derek Bailey/AIDA PISA 1980 improvisors symposium DEREK BAILEY/MUSIC AND DANCE DEREK BAILEY & EVAN PARKER/ARCH DUO THE SOCIAL/SCIENCE SET Jamie Muir Derek Bailey/Dart Drug IMPROVISED MUSIC NEW YORK 1981 Back On 52nd Street/Live from Soundscape COMPANY EPIPHANY DEREK BAILEY CYRO BAPTISTA/CYRO John Zorn Derek Bailey George Lewis/Yankees Derek Bailey/CONCERT IN MILWAUKEE Derek Bailey Steve Lacy/Outcome DEREK BAILEY & HAN BENNINK/HAN DEREK BAILEY/DROP ME OFF AT 96TH DEREK BAILEY ANTHONY BRAXTON/MOMENT PRECIEUX COMPANY/ONCE DEREK BAILEY BARRE PHILLIPS/FIGURING Bailey Sabu Brotzmann/Live in Okayama 1987 CHATS CECIL TAYLOR & DEREK BAILEY/PLEISTOZAEN MIT WASSER DEREK BAILEY/LACE company91/Volume 1 company91/Volume 2 company91/Volume 3 DEREK BAILEY/SOLO GUITAR VOLUME 2 Thebe Lipere Derek Bailey Louis Moholo/VILLAGE LIFE THE TONY OXLEY QUARTET JIN HI KIM/KOMUN GUITAR Derek Bailey John Stevens/Playing FRODE GJERSTAD JOHN STEVENS DEREK BAILEY/HELLO GOODBYE John Stevens Kent Carter Derek Bailey/ONE TIME TONY OXLEY DEREK BAILEY/QUARTET TONY OXLEY A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE - 75YEARS FILMED DEREK BAILEY & HENRY KAISER/WIREFORKS HENRY KAISER/DOMO ARIGATO DEREK-SENSEI DEREK AND THE RUINS/SAISORO DEREK BAILEY & GREGG BENDIAN/BANTER In Church Will Gaines/RAPPIN & TAPPIN Visitors Book DEREK BAILEY JOHN ZORN WILLIAM PARKER/HARRAS The Field Recordings 3 EUGENE CHADBOURNE/BOOGIE WITH THE HOOK ARCANA/THE LAST WAVE Bailey Butcher Marshall/Trio Playing DEREK BAILEY/Guitar,drums 'n' bass Derek Bailey Noel Akchote/close to the kitchen 13 GHOSTS-Moore-Bailey/LEGEND OF THE BLOOD YETI Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey/SONGS Derek Bailey Keiji Haino/Drawing close,attuning - the respective signs of order and chaos THESIGNOF4 Derek Bailey,Min Xiao-Fen/Viper DEREK AND THE RUINS/TOHJINBO Derek Bailey,Joelle Leandre/No Waiting DEREK BAILEY/TAKES FAKES & DEAD SHE DANCES DEREK BAILEY-PAT THOMAS-STEVE NOBLE/AND BARBARIAN Derek Bailey/PlayBacks Intermission/UNanswered questions vertrek ensemble & derek bailey/departures Joseph Holbrooke '98 Joseph Holbrooke Trio/THE MOAT RECORDINGS With Robin Shulkowsky in Concert & Studio LOCationAL Company in Marseille BAILEY NOBLE/Out of the Past Derek Bailey,Susie Ibarra/DAEDAL Live at Lamar's THE GOSPEL RECORD derek bailey michael welch/UNTITLED IMPROVISATIONS South WHEN WE'RE SMILIN AIR MAIL SPECIAL FLYING DRAGONS MIRAKLE Derek Bailey/string theory BAILEY,BUTCHER,ROBAIR/SCRUTABLES derek bailey eddie prevost/ORe JOHN BUTCHER/vortices and angels SHOJI HANO,DEREK BAILEY/FISH Derek Bailey Carlos Bechegas/right off IAN SMITH/DAYBREAK derek bailey,ingar zach/LLaer The Appleyard File DUOS,LONDON 2001 BIDS derek bailey,simon h. fell/the complete 15th august 2001 Bailey,Berthiaume,Frith/Soshin Derek Bailey,Agusti Fernandez/BARCELONA Derek Bailey Franz Hautzinger DEREK BAILEY/Standards DEREK BAILEY/Ballads SEVEN JOHN ZORN'S GAME PIECES/COBRA The DUCKS Palace FRODE GJERSTAD & DEREK BAILEY/Nearly a D Under Tracey's Bed LIMESCALE Derek Bailey/To Play david sylvian/blemish DEREK BAILEY & MILO FINE/SCALE POINTS ON THE FEVER CURVE DEREK BAILEY & CYRO BAPTISTA/DEREK POETRY & Playing Good Cop Bad Cop at the SidecaR HOWDY Meanwhile,back in Sheffield... BRUISE with Derek Bailey DEREK BAILEY/Carpal Tunnel A Silent Dance Derek Bailey Discography CD