Mitsuru Hirayama


Tenor sax, soprano sax, Flute, Clarinet Composer Arranger



<Home Town>


Kanagawa Japan


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Keiji Shitara (sax/fl), Dino Govoni (sax),

Shannon LeClaire (sax/cl), Hal Crook (improvisation)





harmony,  composition and Arranging


David Johnson, Stephen Rochinski, Gregory Hopkins, William Shism,

Richard Evans, Jackson Schultz, Suzanne Clark and George Russell Jr.

Robert Pikinton, Joseph Mulholland, Robert Dozema...etc






Edward Tomassi, David Santoro, Raffaele Molinari, Fernando Brandao,

David Samuels, Kenneth Cervenka, David Weigerd, Richard DiMuzio

Wendy Rolfe, George Zonce, Darren Barrett, JoAnne Brackeen





Mitsuru is a saxophone (Ts/Ss/Fl/Cl) player, composer, who was born in Atsugi Kanagawa Japan.

Mitsuru began to play saxophone at the age of 18. He played guitar before starting saxophone.

He loved American Rock Music in his high school days.

He studied saxophone, jazz harmony, and Be-bop style improvisation technique

in his college days at club activities called "jazz Ken".

Then, he organized his group and played his original tunes around Yokohama.

He went abroad to Boston US to study music at "Berklee college of Music" at January 2006.

He traveled to Hungary to participate International Kodolanyi Jazz Competition.

His Group The Saxolin Quintet was selected as finalist by the July.

He won the 3rd prize as the result.

He loves to perform music and express something by music. His composition is a piece of his life.