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We Natto Brothers Band was formed in February, 2004 to apply for the amateur band

contest that Japanese national broadcasting sponsored. Fortunately,

we were chosen in ten bands which could appear to a television from application of 237 approached to from the all over Japan.
Application music at that time was Black Hearted Woman of Allman Brothers Band.
When we increased one music of Allman Brothers Band as one repertory,

we alone was alone, and Allman Brothers Band exceeded a wide genre called the country from the blues,

jazz from a lock and hung magic called the music afterwards. 
It was put them under magic, and all the members of Natto Brothers Band concluded

as Tribute Band of Allman Brothers Band in this way. 
When I play their music, we dislike the performance that is faithful to an original and make much of extemporariness.
Because it is a domain of the simple mimicry,

and it is because I felt it unless I can surpass a performance of Allman Brothers Band to respect even if we copied their music faithfully. 
In addition, We got away from the world of the blind amateur band which pursued the world of the simple self-satisfaction and

We aimed at the musician who had one's joy and professional posture to think about,

and they stood on on earth what a spectator could stream down through the musical piece

and always thought about pleasing a spectator so that they expressed thought by original interpretation.

 OK, let's experience Allman Brothers Band together. 





 Contact : nattobrothersband@yahoo.co.jp

December 20, 2006