Part One : About the instrument


Construction of the musette.

The musette consists of a shuttle-drone, a leather bag that is often covered with beautiful materials, a bellow and 2 chanters which are called the "grand-chalumeau" and the "petit-chalumeau".
Most of the original musettes still in existence have both chanters and the drone made of ebony but some very special instruments have the drone and chanters made of ivory or ivory chanters with an ebony drone.

Names of parts
(from "Méthode pour la Musette"
(1) by Hotteterre le Romain)

1. chalumeaux = chanters.

2. bourdon = drone.

3. souflet = bellow.

4. port-vent = wind port.
The wind port is a leather tube which connect between the leather bag and the bellow.

5. peau = skin or leather bag.

6. boites = cases.

7. tenons.
A specially cut end of a piece of wood made to fit exactly into a shaped opening (mortise) in another piece of wood and so form a joint. (from Longman : Dictionary of contemporary English.)

9. dome ou bonnet = dome or bonnet.
The head of the drone. This is a kind of a cap which is on top for the shuttle-drone.

10. bracelet = wrist band.

F. ceinture = belt


11. palette = pallet
(palette = a small shovel in French.).

12. tete ou le soupape = they are called "head or the valve".

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