Monde  (Would-Be-Goods)

(1993 Cherry Red El MONDECD022)

  1. Ecuador Days
  2. Casanova '92
  3. Black Pearls Of Polynesia
  4. Lisbon Beat
  5. Gigi Geograpgic
  6. Trinidad Affair
  7. Angel Square
  8. Exotica
  9. Dream Lover
  10. La Fonda Del Sol
  11. Run For Your Life
  12. Christmas In Haiti

all songs written by Jessica Griffin except 11 by John Lennon and Paul Maccartney
played by The Monovhrome Set
produced by Bid

mastered by Masao Nakazato at Onkio Haus
12 is not in the original analog LP.
11 is only in Japanese edition CD (polystar PSCR-5004)

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